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Did you know Focus on the Family with Tyndale House Publishers offers children’s books with Christian values, for all ages and stages of childhood? Some of my children recently read Quest for the King’s Crown, the 7th chapter book in The Last Chance Detectives series. They have really enjoyed it. This series has been updated with new stories, and is rereleased just in time for your adventure loving kids!

This is going to make a great Christmas gift for independent readers on a 2nd grade+ level, and a read aloud for all ages.

Quest for the King's Crown from Focus on the Family with Tyndale House

In this adventure friends Mike, Winnie, Ben, and Spence are searching for a lost treasure that could make them richer beyond their wildest dreams, but they aren’t the only ones searching for the treasure. Readers will learn along side the friends what discernment is, and that some things aren’t worth all the riches in the world.

My 12 year old thought it wasn’t long enough ???? which is about right for a girl that wants books to have 300+ pages. But overall she said it was a fun story, and thought her younger siblings (8 and 10) would enjoy it more than her. There wasn’t anything objectionable she wished wasn’t in the book, and she is a little more particular than even I am. haha

This is a 160 pages softcover chapter book that offers adventure from the beginning to the end, with twists and turns that will keep your kiddos reading. From my perspective, there is quite a bit of dialogue, which isn’t my favorite for a read aloud. But I do think this series, and the Quest for the King’s Crown in particular, is a great way to get our kids reading on their own. My 10 year old has started it, but hasn’t yet finished. He is enjoying the plot, and for a boy who only wants to read hunting, fishing, and outdoor adventure books, that is saying something.

My 12yo says the funniest part of Quest for the King’s Crown was “the hot sauce part- when the person they think is the bad guy approaches them, and the little old throws hot sauce on him.” Lessons learned include discernment, judgement, and what a treasure really is (hint, it isn’t riches ???? ).  I would say there is a definite Indiana Jone’s vibe with mystery and excitement, without the violence and gore, which most boys especially are going to enjoy.

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