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New! CSB Explorer Bible for Kids

This Christmas season is a perfect time to gift the child(red) in your life their very own Bible. The CSB Explorer Bible for Kids is a perfect choice for any girl or boy. With fun facts, easy to understand timelines, beautiful photography, and so much more, this is a Bible that will grow with your child for many years to come. You will find it available in hardcover and leather touch editions. It also features easy to read 8.5 pt text, and full color designs which connect with our children’s natural curiosity and help them experience the wonder and truth of Scripture.

From the two tables of content — one in order and one sorted alphabetically — to the topical concordance and index of Bible stories, each detail is designed to give kids the tools to find their way through God’s Word.
The CSB Explorer Bible for Kids invites young readers to investigate both the world and words of Scripture, including the history of real people and their cultures. This is a huge gap in so many children’s Bibles! It can be difficult for concrete thinkers to apply what they know to the world around them, especially when it takes place in parts of the world they have never seen. I love that this Bible brings so many areas of creation, history, and exploration together to point to Christ.

New! CSB Explorer Bible for Kids

I have found my children pouring over the pages of this Bible, enjoying the exciting way all the facts and real world information tie into God’s story. I really like how places in scripture, that still exist today in the Holy Land, are pointed out with interesting details about them today. My children can see God’s Word in their own world with all the nature and discovery themes found throughout the excerpts in this Bible.

There are 336 archiving discoveries throughout the CSB Explorer Bible for Kids, highlighting key memory verses to aid in scripture memorization. In the front of the Bible you will find an index of each 336 verses, along with a QR code for downloading activity pages.

New! CSB Explorer Bible for Kids

You will also find throughout the pages small sections that include:

  • 205 Excavating The Past- illustrations and real world images to help connect the dots between important archaeological discoveries and the Bible
  • 115 Exploring Creation- facts and images connecting modern day objects and things in the world today to God and the Bible
  • 237 Discovering The Truth- callouts to help kids understand the essential truths of the Bible and apply them to their lives
  • 79 Character Field Guides- with fun facts and insights for important people in the Bible
  • 15 Charting History-illustrated timelines to survey key periods  and events in history

New! CSB Explorer Bible for Kids

For those families that enjoy using technology along side their learning Scripture, you will find QR codes throughout the pages, to bring engaging videos, discussion questions and activity pages to life. This is a great addition for homeschool, extracurricular fun, and a great way to apply the truths and imagery of the Bible to children’s real world experiences. Helping children make text-to-world connections is a key way they learn!

The CSB, or Christian Standard Bible is an accurate translation in contemporary English, and is a preferred translation by many for personal study, public reading, memorization, and easy to share with others. This is a clear translation that is especially helpful for those learning to read and study their Bible.

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