Top Homeschool Supplies {day 3}

There are a few things we have in our home, that I can’t imagine homeschooling without.

The first one, is our Family Bible.

The first thing my daughter usually asks for when we start our day, is to read from our Family Bible. During her free time, she likes to get the Bible and delicately turn through the pages of the book. She rereads what we have read, and asks about the paintings.

I love that her education is rooted in the Bible, and that she enjoys learning about it.

The second homeschool supply I couldn’t live without is my Scotch Laminator.

This has been the best investment for our family homeschool. It was one of the very first things that my husband suggested I get, and I have used it a ton!

It is great for saving student projects, and it is also a valuable tool for creating reusable printables. When utilizing online resources, you can use a laminator to make anything you print reusable. From handwriting sheets to math practice, everything can become reusable. Simply file away for future students.

I also use our laminator for making our printable books, flash cards, and games more durable.

The third top supply on my list is a printer.

Good printers are expensive. They consume ink, and require paper which means they always cost money. But they save so much money. They literally turn your computer, tablet, or phone into your curriculum. This is why I recommend that you check out this guide on the Top 10 Best Printers For Home Office – Reviews (Ink Efficient). Before jumping into a printer purchase, it is important to consider your needs as you may need a more high end one if you are printing a lot of high-quality pictures for example. For the top things to check when investing in a new printer, click here.

The brand Brother looked like the best one on the market at the time. From providing home printers to brothers thermal printer for commercial companies, they have so much to offer. We bought a Brother MFCJ825-DW. I did so much research before I purchased this printer. What I found is that the MFCJ825 does the most work (print, scan, copy, and fax if you need that..), with the most options (like wireless connection) and takes a very reasonably priced generic brand, compatible ink.

Right now, Amazon doesn’t have this printer at the price I paid with free shipping. But I am sure you can find it somewhere else. The ink is compatible, works fine, and gives great results.

I am not sure what we would do without our printer- I print so much of our activities and work off the internet for free. It is a lot of money to invest in a printer, but it also is a great printer, with good reviews, that isn’t just a throw away a year later. I’ve got so many printed documents, my house is always full of piles of paper. I’m actually considering getting some document management software from so that I can properly organize all my documents online. My friend works in an office and she uses document management software too. She says it’s made her life much easier and it’s even increased her productivity!

These are the 3 things that our homeschool could not function without. They are absolutely essentials for us.

What are your homeschool essentials?

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