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Jonathan Park

If you have been around here very long, you know we love all things audiobook and audio drama. So I jumped on the chance for our family to review Jonathan Park, The Adventure Begins, Series 1. We received a physical, 4 disc set covering all four albums of the first Jonathan Park adventure. This is a wonderful Christian audio drama, and perfect for your home and homeschool. My kids listen to audio dramas almost daily in our home; they’re a great way to get reading in (through the ears, yes it’s thing…), and I love when they’re Christian based, adding Biblical truths.

I would say this is definitely appropriate for 5+ years old. A younger 5 year old may not quite understand what is happening, but my just turned 6 year old definitely does. There is a lot of adventure, and some “bad guys,” so especially sensitive kiddos may struggle there, but I have a few sensitive kids and they haven’t had any trouble with it. My just turned 12 year old enjoys it as well, and she said older kids would probably like it, too.

Jonathan Park Audiodrama for the Family

What Is It?

Jonathan Park, The Adventure Begins, Series 1 is a Christian audio drama chronicling the adventure of Jonathan and his father when they run into the Brenan family. They go on to discover a huge area of dinosaur bones, which prompts them to open a creation science museum. The adventures they go on, and trials they face make the listening experience so fun and exciting for families.

In our home, we have a lot to do during our day- farm chores, meals, quiet time for Bible reading, and home educating require a lot from all of us. We work very hard to keep things slow and peaceful, so down-time is a must for everyone. Jonathan Park has been a perfect addition to our days. Listening while they color and do puzzles or even play board games, is one of my kids’ favorite ways to spend their free time. Jonathan Park is  a series they have listened to over and over again over the last several weeks; each kiddo has their favorite parts (my 10 year old even has his favorite disc 😂 ), they quote it to one another throughout the day, and have little inside jokes about different things said. Mister (10yo) says:

My favorite part is when Eddie is late, and has to tell the password to get into the treehouse, and it’s funny. The tune and song they put in is hilarious! I also liked the last CD, The Mystery of Deadman’s Curve, when Mr. Moriarty is trying to scare the Brenan’s and the Parks out of making their science museum, so he can make his top secret spy vehicles and sell them to the government. If the museum goes up, it won’t be a top secret operation anymore. He’s the bad guy”

Why You’ll Love It

I love that as a mama with a full day, I can trust that what my kids are exposed to through Jonathan Park, is safe; I don’t have to worry about bad language, inappropriate scenarios, or bad attitudes that may influence them. The story line is interesting for everyone, and gives them a chance to build comprehension through listening. We know that listening to build comprehension is an important skill, and rereading/relistening gives a different experience each time. The first time we read, it is to learn what happens, each time after that is for enjoyment and building our understanding even more, without knowing it. All 4 of my oldest ask for this audio drama because they truly enjoy it.

I know we will be needing to get the other series, soon! They will make a perfect stocking stuffer, gift from grandparents, or a great enrichment to the homeschool year! You can listen together in the car, or just during downtime at home. The Adventure Begins, Series 1, is a series parents and grandparents will enjoy listening along to, as well- my meter of how enriching something is (movies, music, books, etc.) is this- would an adult enjoy it as well? If not, it is probably a bit twaddle-y (using language that talks down to kids, unintelligent, reading-made-easy language, etc). If an adult would enjoy it with their family, it’s probably high quality and worth spending my time or money on. This is definitely enjoyable by the whole family!

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