Revive Your Wooden Spoons and Cutting Boards {with M&M Monday linkup}

This week I want to share with you how I revived my wooden spoons and cutting board.  When caring for wooden spoons, you’re not supposed to put them in the dishwasher.  As particular as I am about caring for my kitchen tools, I tend to slack when it comes to my wooden utensils.  It is so easy to just thrown them in the top rack and let them run through the wash.


But that wrecks havoc on good wooden spoons!  It dries them out, & introduces them to harsh detergents that can split the wood.  It can cause them to splinter.  The same goes for cutting boards and butcher blocks, although I do not put those in the dishwasher.

So, I have vowed not to continue putting my spoons in the dishwasher, either.

And, instead, I conditioned them!  I did however, forget to take before pictures {I always do that!}

To condition your spoons and cutting board, take a rag or paper towel and put a nice big glob of coconut oil on it.  Then rub it all over the spoon or board.  Coat it really well, being sure to really rub it in, but also allow some to stay on the surface.  After you have coated them well, let them sit overnight, so they can soak in the oil.

Coconut oil is natural, healthy, and safe for your utensils.  It leaves them a rich, dark color, and revived.

To continue caring for them, run them under warm water with a mild soap, wash and dry. Oil as often as needed.

Enjoy your pretty wooden spoons and cutting boards!

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