Restore and Soothe Skin Naturally {Koru Naturals, a review}

I am so excited to share a wonderful, natural product with my readers! We have been trying an all natural emu oil ($9.85) and Pure Lanolin Lip Balms ($9.80) by Koru Naturals.

Restore and soothe your skin Naturally- Koru Naturals {}

Here in Nebraska, winters are cold, dry, and windy- all of these elements will wreck havoc on skin! Especially sweet, delicate baby (and child) skin. My second child especially fights rough, dry skin on his elbow, legs, and behind his knees. A colleague of mine recommended CBD balm for dry skin like this, as apparently it works wonders while also having a soothing impact. You can buy cbd balm online if you’re just as interested as I was upon being recommended it. However, at just the right time I heard that we might get to review these products from Koru Naturals. I was so excited!

About the Product

Koru Natuaral’s emu oil and lanolin lip balm are both natural ways to care for your skin. The emu oil came in an 2oz. size bottle, and each tube of lanolin lip balm is .20oz (the size of your typical lip balm). Their emu oil is native to Australia and is recognized by the Therapeutic Goods Administration of Australia.

These products will be great for anyone ridding of chemicals in their home, especially those trying to use all natural products on their bodies.

I am a natural-products kinda girl, so the emu oil and lanolin lip balm were right up my alley. I was happy to see that their emu oil contains all natural ingredients and their oil is not clarified like other manufacturers. This was something I could feel good about using on my family. If you have ever nursed a baby you probably know about lanolin. Koru Natural’s is pure, anhydrous lanolin and certified pharmaceutical grade. It contains no additives or petroleum! You may know petroleum is actually just drying and of course, is a by product that you want to avoid. Koru Natural’s product are free of any dangerous additives! That excites me!

How We Used the Products and What We Thought

We live in the midwest where winters are cold and very dry. On top of that, my daughter chews her nails and my son has eczema type rashes on his legs and the back of his knees. Out of habit, I keep a sink of soapy water in the kitchen for wiping down counters and tables; as a result my hands are dry, cracked, and bleeding at times.

We have enjoyed these products from Koru Naturals immensely! I have applied the lanolin to everyone’s lips and cheeks before heading outside to play. It is so nice and smooth and plenty thick enough to provide wonderful protection from the cold wind.

We used our emu oil as a carrier for our essential oils. I made a cream using emu oil and lavender to apply to the back of Mister’s knees, and also on my hands. I wish I had taken before and after pictures! In the winter coconut oil just isn’t enough for my hands, but I have used lotions and even tried petroleum jelly only to have my skin MORE dry and rough than before.

The emu oil was a perfect moisturizer for my hands; I applied in the morning before I started my day, and at bedtime. The difference in my hands have been amazing. The emu oil did not leave my hands super greasy, or with a weird feeling on my skin. It was a clean feeling that was absorbed quickly; I could tell a big difference in my skin right away. I also applied the lanolin to my daughter’s cuticles to both heal the skin, and discourage her from chewing her nails. It was soothing to her skin and she liked it.

I truly love these products! They have been a blessing for our family this winter, and we will continue using all of them. There are many more uses suggested for both emu oil and lanolin- everything from conditioning your hair to waterproofing. From our experience, I can highly recommend Koru Naturals products!

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