Pumpkins & Fall for Tots and Preschoolers


Having a 4 year old that begs for learning time can be a challenge with a two year old all-boy toddler literally running around, and a 5 week old baby in the house.  So when it comes to our themed and “extra” activities, I like to try to find things they can do together.  That way if Mister doesn’t really want to participate it is okay, but he is able to if he would like.  This month we are studying pumpkins.  While Lexie is ready to learn what kind of plant a pumpkin is, and how a pumpkin grows, Mister’s activities are much simpler.

Max (2) will be learning and focusing on:

  • the letter “P”
  • the color orange & coloring pumpkins by following instructions
  • Completing a “My Pumpkin” book (color, cut, and glue) from www.ThisReadingMama.com
  • Gluing/matching pumpkin shapes (from www.1+1+1=1.com)
  • Count the Pumpkins (also from www.1+1+1=1.com)
  • P is for Pumpkin do a dot (also from www.1+1+1=1.com)
  • reading (his favorite poem) Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Eater
  • words (non sense included) that rhyme with pumpkin
  • textures of pumpkins (smooth, bumpy, etc)
  • introduce why leaves change color in the fall
  • Reading pumpkin/fall books

Lexie (4) will be learning and focusing on:

  • how pumpkins grow
  • what kind of plant pumpkins are
  • words (non sense included) that rhyme with pumpkin
  • Completing a “My Pumpkin” book (color, cut, and glue) from www.ThisReadingMama.com
  • Counting pumpkins math sheet (we will use unifix cubes to add hands on) from www.1+1+1=1.com
  • Pumpkin number match book (from www.childcareland.com)
  • Pumpkin Syllable Count and Clip (from This Reading Mama)
  • introduce why leaves change color
  • reading pumpkin/fall books

Now, obviously all of these activities aren’t solely focused on fall; many of them just include pumpkins.  But at this age especially, I am following my children’s lead as to what interests them.  Lady loooves “worksheet” type activities, cutting, pasting, assembling books, etc.  Mister … well, he is just being introduced to activities and learning time, so I am still trying to find what he loves to do.  Also, many of their activities overlap; I will modify and adjust as needed for Max.

Hopefully we will be making a trip to the pumpkin patch soon.  We spent some time playing in pumpkins last week.  This was great sensory play for tots and preschoolers- they had fun digging out the insides and sorting the seeds.  We then roasted the seeds for yummy snacks (which they ask for constantly).  I plan to use some of the roasted pumpkin seeds in granola as well.  We talked about how the pumpkins felt- were they rough, smooth, smushy, hard, etc.

Pumpkin Sensory Play {Quiet in the Chaos}

This unit has been a lot of fun so far, and I suspect it will be a lot more fun as we continue through it in the month of October.  I was hoping to get more of the activities and lapbooking done before this post went up, but life got in the way.  Hopefully I can bring you a post full of completed activities and lapbooks in the coming weeks!