On The Farm: Wrapping Up December

{I’m a few weeks behind, bare with me!}

Well, December didn’t hold much excitement in the way of farm life.

We got a bit of snow, and the days were very, very cold in the second half of the month.  The chickens have free ranged a bit more, with supervision, but have not been enthusiastic about going out into the cold and wind.

On the Farm Wrapping Up December

Our great Pyrenese, Thora, killed a chicken.  It wasn’t entirely her fault … I had one younger chick I exchanged for a known rooster.  The chick refused to stay in the brooder and was in need of companions (so I thought), so once she was big enough I put her out in the coop with the other chickens.

Somehow, she escaped; we still don’t know how.  She was just an escape artist.

The kids were outside playing and Thora started chasing the chicken; Lexie came and got me.  By the time we got out to the barn, Thora was gone and I knew she had the chicken somewhere.  Sure enough, she was in the front yard with a dead chicken.

J.Tom came home and zip tied the dead chicken to Thora’s collar.

Talk about one aggravated dog.

Anyway, some people say it is pointless and does nothing to stop a dog from killing a chicken again later.  Others, our neighbors included, swear by it.  We will see if it works.

I think the point is that the dog is A) frustrated with the rotting chicken being tied to their collar and they can’t get it off, B) the smell under their very sensitive noses 24-7 really starts to get to them, and C) if you catch them in the act, like we did, they KNOW why the chicken is on there.

Thora is a very smart, good, obedient dog.  But she is a puppy who likes to chase things.

I have faith that she learned her lesson, but can’t be certain yet.  So, all that to say- the chickens still need supervision when in the yard!

The rest of December was spent with J.Tom cutting wood, us burning a LOT of firewood, and me being really lazy and nauseous.  haha

We had a lovely, low key Christmas.  The kids each got a few special gifts.  J.Tom built a picnic table for my gift, and he got parts for his 4wheeler as his.  =)  That’s what you get when you live on a farm I guess!

January is looking to be just as cold and nasty as December.  We will be spending the month making plans, goals, and budgets for the farm this year.  Good times! 😉

Where is spring?!  I AM SO READY TO DIG IN THE DIRT!

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