Notebooking Pages Lifetime Membership {a review}

In our homeschool we are pretty eclectic in our style- I think we are a mix of Charlotte Mason and Classical thrown together.  Regardless of our “style,” we *love* notebooking; so I was very eager to try the Lifetime Membership ($97) from Lifetime Membership

One of the first things we learn as teachers in college (and it is hammered into us in every part of our degree) is that student work should, as much as possible, be open ended- opened ended questioning from the teacher, open ended and creative products from the student- that is how they learn and remember what they have learned long term (much different than what is put into practice in schools … anyway).

True notebooking should be just that- OPEN ended, creative, and intuitive work from the student on a topic they have studied.

So I was very excited to see that the notebooking pages from were truly that- they are a beautiful canvas for my children to document all they have learned.  The pages aren’t busy, distracting, or prompted.  My students can find not only what interests them, but what is most important about a study/topic, and document it all right there.  There are literally thousands of different pages covering so many topics, I don’t think you could possibly use them all in a lifetime, but you can certainly try! 😉

About The Lifetime Membership from

With the lifetime membership, you receive all of the current notebooking products spanning:

  • Art study
  • Copywork
  • Character Study
  • Famous Men and Women
  • Geography
  • History from Ancients to Modern
  • Music Study
  • Nature Study (our favorite!)
  • Science
  • Timelines
  • and the list goes on!

and you also get all future content.

The lifetime membership features the search bar and table of contents to make navigating thousands of notebook pages simple, tutorials, tips, and videos, and of course lifetime access to it all. To see ALL the topics and samples of the notebook page sets, click on this link and scroll down.

I really like that a set of notebook pages almost always has lots of choices for layout/design.  So if we want a place to glue a picture, draw a picture, or even 3 pictures, we have that option.  We mostly used the reptile, amphibian, and frog notebooking pages the past several weeks.  We have encountered a few snakes and frogs on the farm lately, and the kids wanted to know more about them.  So- we dove in!

One feature of the website I really appreciate are the tutorials, and tips & tools.  If you have never notebooked, or even if you have but want some more direction, these areas help you step by step figure out just how to get the most out of and notebooking for your students!

The notebooking pages were perfect, and best of all they were NO work from me! 😉  All I had to do was a quick search for the topics and print the pages for our notebook!  SO easy, fun for the kids and they truly LOVE having things they are learning documented in a place that they can go back to on their own; sorta like making their own big book of knowledge!

Notebooking is not only a blast, but a simple and easy way to document your homeschool journey.’s Lifetime Membership is a wonderful resource to have in your homeschool!

(I am having some problems getting my pictures to the computer, but will have pictures up of the kids enjoying their pages soon!)

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  1. Ginny G says:

    I invested in Notebooking Pages over the past few months. I like the option to play $10 for a month trial then $29 for the next 3 months to pay for the membership. Obviously this is what I did. ?
    I’ve been a tad bit overwhelmed by ALL the options the site offers. I think it really just takes a bit of time to sit down and scroll. But then I just need to print off some pages and give them a try and not over think it either.
    I appreciate your post and how your been using it! I’m incorporating notebooking this coming year in our school days and I’m gobbling up information on anything twisted to notebooking because I gave no idea how to do it! So, thanks!!

    • Meghan says:

      You are so right- there is a TON of information/resources on the site, and they can be overwhelming! I do think you have to take it a bit at a time! I am super excited; we have used notebooking for science and history before. It is similar to lapbooking (which we also love). SO glad you like it! I am no pro, by any means, but it is something we will definitely get better and better with.

      I think I am going to set up a rather large-ish binder and just divide it by subjects that we have notebooked. We have used folders for each different things before (like a specific book, frogs, etc) but I think a binder might be easier and require less time from me.

      Do you have ideas on how you will organize notebooking yet?

      • Ginny G says:

        I’m getting a big binder per kid and will use dividers as well. We’ll be doing some geography so I’ll have dividers per continent of country (I’ve not decided).
        I’ve been throwing all our papers into a small bin and then will put it in a large folder but I like the idea of organizing a little more and placing it all in a notebook. I’m considering even putting in our math worksheets, maybe just sliding them into page protectors or something.
        I’m investing in the Better Binders through Staples. They are around $10 each but have rubber in them so they are more flexible than the typical binders and can handle constant opening and closing. I already have one each offer kid for morning time. I’m hoping they’ll be a little cheaper once school supply season starts.
        I color code the girls so we can all keep up. I’m white. Nyla is turquoise. Naomi is purple. Natalie is pink. I’m going to buy spiral notebooks in those colors this year so I can keep up. But the binders I’ve always done like that. It’s easiest like that!

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