Make More Time in Your Day

Time is one of those luxury items we all dream of, but is always slipping between our fingers. If only we had more time to do this or that…

We often don’t realize we are wasting time throughout our day! But we have a lot more of it than we may think. In fact, with a few planning tips and organization, we can free up a couple of hours or more in a day!

Whether you want to relax in a bath, get creative with crafting, or pursue your studies, the illusion of not having time disappears when you create a space for self care time. Are you ready to give it a go? 

Create a Schedule That Works for You 

The best way to manage time is to keep track of what you need to do and what you’re getting done in a day. Whether you’re following a study schedule for mom, are a work schedule, or a fitness workout schedule, the key to making it happen is to embrace a routine. Indeed, when your routine dictates a set of habits that guide you, you save time throughout the day. It’s easier to find a free slot to squeeze in some studying, pilates and weight lifting, or whatever else you want to do, when the rest of the day is fully organized. 

Don’t Sweat the Little Things 

We tend to waste precious time in details that don’t matter. Being able to prepare ahead for the day-to-day routine can make sure that youre not rushing, forgetting, and flustered. Why should you wait until morning to make breakfast when you can prepare a simple and healthy pot ahead of time? The same principle applies to your evening meal. You can schedule some time on Sunday for batch cooking so that you don’t have to worry for the rest of the week.

Share the Household Responsibilities

Being a mom doesn’t mean that you should be the only person in charge of maintaining the household. Cleaning requires a lot of time, but you’ll find that sharing chores with your family can make sure that everyone does their part. Ultimately, it’s an important lesson for our children; they need to learn to clean up after themselves and participate in basic tidying up tasks. 

This is a great way to free up time for yourself, and your kids! Decluttering and throwing out “stuff” that is unused, broken, and missing pieces makes for a much faster, easier cleaning up! Delegate jobs to the kids-putting away dishes, vacuuming, picking up the floor, dusting, folding laundry, emptying waste baskets, and even cleaning bathrooms can be done by children of different ages.

Understand Where Down Time is Going

It’s useful to track down the time you spend being idle. Tech devices, such as smartphones or TV, can steal away precious time from the things we love, the things that bring value to our life! You only meant to write a birthday message on a friend’s Facebook wall, but almost an hour later, you’re posting a funny meme… (who, me?!)  Oops, where did the time go? While there’s nothing wrong with either of these activities, be careful not to fall into the trap of mindless browsing-news, comedy channels, and social media are time traps!  Turn off the devices and see if you get inspired to do something different with your time!

You can’t save time without introducing some rhythm and method to your day. Set a routine that works for your family, and make sure that everybody gets involved! (maybe the kids would like to get chores done before breakfast? or after?)

Most importantly, be aware of  blind spots when it comes to time- whether it’s a social media app, reading the junk news, or binge-watching Netflix favorites.

What steps will you take to manage your time?

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