Live Online Violin Lessons for the Entire Family {plus a special offer & review}

Online Family Violin Lessons $39 a month!

My oldest has been playing violin for a while; we have attended lessons on and off between moves. This summer, at a time in our homeschool and family life when things were just too hectic-we really needed a slow down of running from place to place- we were blessed with an opportunity to review a Family Subscription to Live Violin Classes from Practice Monkeys. My 8 year old has been using Practice Monkeys for a little over 3 months, plus had an assessment (which determines if the student ready to move up to the next level/where you are).

We are thoroughly enjoying this program!

About Practice Monkeys Family Violin Lessons

Practice Monkeys is an online violin program perfect for the entire family! Your membership includes classes and practice resources for all the members of your family. Mrs. Sarah is a wonderful, smiling, attentive teacher that loves hearing and helping her students play. Everything you need is found in your Treehouse online, and Mrs. Sarah is very helpful and thorough when learning about your new violin lessons.

Live Group Classes:

Membership includes live lessons 4 days a week; each class level has its own assigned time slot Monday- Thursday (ours was 4pm central). There are 4 lesson videos loaded each week that are from last week’s live lessons. So if you miss a class, have no fear! You can make it up in your own time the following week. There were weeks that we made 1-2 classes, there was a week where we made them all, and weeks we didn’t make any. Practice Monkeys is unique because of the 4 live classes each week-this is where students really get their help, Sarah gets to hear them play the pieces they’re working on, and help them with improving. She works with students individually (which in turn helps the other students in class), shows fingerings, gives examples, has students copy her, and truly teaches students to play their violin. It is very fun and beneficial!

Each level of classes is made up of all the students in that level, our level 5 class had 3-4 students attend most days. Some classes have more, some fewer, students. The live classes with Mrs. Sarah are so fun! My daughter is always smiling when we finish and eager to continue her practice.

What is Included & Navigating your “Treehouse”

You will need to provide your violin, Suzuki book, and listening CD (comes with the Suzuki book). Mrs. Sarah provides links for purchasing supplies and renting violins. We are *very* blessed to have a local violin shop where we are treated so kindly and have been able to purchase beautiful violins at very reasonable prices.

Aside from those 3 things mentioned above, Mrs. Sarah provides everything for learning violin in theTreehouse, all the way down to purchasing your assessment for promotion to the next level! (More about assessment in a bit.) Below is a sample screen shot of helps which you may see at the top of your Treehouse:

Video Examples {online violin lessons}

The Treehouse is where you find all of your videos and support between lessons. It is online, and set up step by step:

  • registration & placement for new students
  • link for attending 47 live lessons each year
  • parent orientation videos
  • student set-up, learning about violin
  • tuning your violin (I learned to tune our violin via a tuning app, y’all!)
  • 4 practice classes uploaded each week (last week’s lessons to makeup or review)
  • instructional Teaching Videos for 10 Skill Areas per Level
  • all the printable practice forms, skill sheets needed for staying on track
  • printable sight reading books, activity books, etc for helping students along

Level 4 Online Family Violin Lessons

Students are expected to practice with live classes or make up classes 4x a week, PLUS 2 fun song practices! My daughter became a little obsessed with learning her fun song and didn’t do the review she should have during the last few months. I wasn’t watching her practice sheets very closely. =/ Now that we have a good routine for placing violin practice back into our school days, we are doing a lot better! haha Mrs. Sarah is very gracious, understands life, and is firm about expectations. I *love* that! You can’t improve if you don’t practice…

Violin Practice


An assessment is purchased separately from classes/lessons, when you feel your child is ready to be promoted to the next level. In your Treehouse you can find the assessment form (similar to a ruberic) to make sure your child has accomplished most everything in their level. Online, you will schedule an assessment with Mrs. Sarah where she will spend 30 or so minutes listening to the student play different pieces/watching skills they’ve mastered.

During our assessment Mrs. Sarah spent a good while helping my daughter work very hard on her fingerings and scales for her fun song (which all transfer over to her Suzuki practice, too). Sometime in December we both had Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing stuck in our heads, so she just started playing with the fingerings until she got it (about 2-3 days). Mrs. Sarah helped her hear the tuning fingers for those notes and more! She’s very excited about it!

Help Classes:

If ever you need help understanding something, working through something on the violin or in the Treehouse, etc, Mrs. Sarah offers help classes for this very thing! She is always available via email, but help classes are really easier for getting help, and again, that live video help is so valuable!

We are continuing our lessons with Practice Monkeys for the intro $39 a month. I am very excited to continue and focus more on our daily violin practice routine. There are so many benefits to 4 classes a week online, with a real teacher, versus driving to lessons 30+ minutes away 1x a week. In this season especially, online lessons are such a blessing for us, and we can always add students to our membership when they are ready. I dunno … I love playing Lady’s violin, so maybe I will take lessons as well! =) Either way, this has been perfect for our family and I can only imagine it is just what other families are looking for as well.

Special Reader Offer:

Click Mrs. Sarah Van Kleeck’s smiling face below, for a special reader offer: get introductory pricing for year one’s subscription cost- of $39 a month for the entire family! Using this link locks in your price, so you can pay this super reasonable price for the lifetime of your membership for the entire family! The regular price is more, so this is a steal; offer expires February 1, 2019.

Violin Lessons Discount for Readers!



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