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The past few weeks we have had the pleasure of using and reviewing Colorado- By The Way, from By The Way Book Series. We took a trip a few years back to Colorado, and since then we have discussed the state a lot here and there. My oldest daughter who is 6 years old, remembers the trip and is very interested in learning about Colorado, so this book was perfect!

By The Way Books {Colorado}

What It Is {about the book}

Let me just say, this is a beautiful book! We are most definitely book junkies in this house, especially books that don’t involve twaddle. Colorado- By The Way is so nicely put together; the photographs included are clear and detailed, while the words flow easily and are a wonderful help to learning about the state of Colorado.

Colorado is a beautiful state, and it does not surprise me at all that so many people call this place their home. A good friend of mine recently moved to Colorado after finding a gorgeous home in Centennial. She had always wanted to live in Cherry Knolls and after working alongside a cherry knolls realtor, her dreams have become a reality. I cannot wait to visit her really soon as her new property looks amazing from the photographs that I have seen. I might even bring her a copy of this book all about Colorado as a housewarming gift!

By The Way Book Series has created a captivating book all about the facts and history of Colorado (there are other books in the series: Ohio State, Smoky Mountains, and more!).

The story begins with Alex and Lexi joining a By The Way RV team, where they go on to see all that God’s imagination holds. All throughout the book there are examples of the evidence of God’s work-that nothing was created by chance, but in a very deliberate way. You will also find Bible verses that point to God’s glory.

The book has 48 full color pages, and is recommended for ages 5-12. My children (ages 2-6) really enjoyed this book, and I absolutely think this would be a wonderful book for older children because it is so informative, and not “childish,” in the story line. It is appropriate for a large age range. The book is a large 8×10 hardback, with a nice sturdy binding and thick, beautiful pages.

Written from a Biblical worldview, this is a terrific book for anyone wanting to learn more about Colorado.

What We Thought

We love this book! We have a house full of books, and this one is probably right at the top of my favorites list. I hope to add more books from the series to our shelf, because I know they will be accurate, appropriate, and educational. This is a wonderful travel book to prepare for a trip, or when doing a unit study on both the state of Colorado, the midwest, the mountains, and/or wildlife.

I really love the illustrations in this book- they are a mix of drawings and photographs-both of which grab children’s attention and show great detail. We were able to see inside the homes and life if “cliff dwellers” of the Mesa Verde; which led into an entire discussion of the meanings of mesa and verde, where they originated and how the english language is a great mix of Latin and Spanish. Colorado- By The Way covers state history as well as life in Colorado for both people and nature.

Something else I noticed and really liked, was that the adults in this book are respected- they are wonderful examples for the children, and they are always presented as someone the children respect. Adults are not made fun of, or made to look silly or foolish as is often found in children’s books (and especially tv shows).

I loved talking about all the different topics we came across; I think my daughter’s favorite part was about the horses and ponies. The adventures encountered by the characters are fun, educational, and always point to God.

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It isn’t very often we come across great new books that span many school subjects/units but this book does just that!

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