A Living Book for Fall Nature and History Study: Indiana {a review}

We have reviewed By the Way books in the past, this time we were able to review By the Way Book Series: Indiana (Discovering Biblical Truth in Everyday Life).We have enjoyed it tremendously.

This book is part of a larger series of geographically based Christian worldview children’s books; it has most definitely sparked some interesting conversations in our family.

How We Used it and What We Think

The 48 page, full-color book is absolutely gorgeous (and ourcopy is signed by the author! insert googly eyes here!). The first thing I saw when I opened the book is the most gorgeous fall foliage spread with scripture… insert google eyes again. *love* This is perfect for our fall book shelf! And if ever someone wanted encouragement as a homeschool parent that the world is our classroom to be seen through our children’s eyes and with a filter of our faith, this book is it! (Thank you, Joy!)

By the Way Book Series: Indiana makes a note in the beginning that it is:

  • informative-put the wow in learning
  • integrated- science, geography, and history (and scripture/Biblical truths-score!)
  • intentional- God’s message is right there the whole way
  • inspirational- touching our children’s hearts and minds with God’s beauty

All the above are quotes or paraphrases from the introduction of the book, but I couldn’t describe it’s purpose or message better myself! It is such a rich addition to our home library. What is the best part? Probably the conversations we had while reading parts of it. The story allows you to pick the book up and begin on just about any page, while still getting so much from your reading; this allowed us to discuss the scripture on pages, how the animals or events on that page reflected that scripture, how they relate to each other and most importantly to us and our loving relationship with God.

By The Way Reading {QuietintChaos}

This then became a conversation of all these things we see in our own world, our own back yard, on our farm, that make those same reflections. This week I heard one of my younger children trying to explain the Monarch butterfly’s “God given compass” from page 21, as we watched Monarch caterpillars on our milkweed plants.

There are fun activities such as finding specific animals and pictures (the 4 year old’s favorite) & learning how to geocache with links provided, as well as a precious story line that is sure to keep everyone’s interest. The illustrations are just beautiful, rich, and captivating, along with a little humor.

We still enjoy the Colorado book from the By The Way series (especially since we love visiting CO), but I *think* I may love this book even more. It is perfect for a fall nature study, history studies, and of course a state study. I think children of any age will enjoy the book; it can certainly grow with small children, while older children will enjoy all the information & beautiful illustrations/photography.

I cannot wait to add some of their state card packs from their website, and add more of this series to our home library.

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