H is for Harmony {Blogging through the ABC’s}

H is for harmony {quietinthechaos.com}

Harmony: the use of simultaneous pitches (tones, notes), or chords.

Life can be chaotic, noisy, exciting, and stressful.  With three children under 5 (and one of those being a 2 year old that could rival a bull in a china cabinet), this describes not just life, but our home many days.

But then there are those moments, the moments that inspired me to name this blog, Quiet in The Chaos, when all things work together beautifully.

The moments when everyone is quiet, peaceful, smiling, and working together.

A goal for me in 2015 is to stop. listen. and see the harmony.  See the smiles passed from a big sister to a little brother as he dances every single step to “stepping time” from Mary Poppins.  Notice the way big brother sweetly touches his baby sister’s cheek before telling her she is the “sweetest baby Ila-Dila. yeeesss.”

The harmony.  The rhythm of our home; from the way my husband unloads the dishwasher every morning while getting the oldest two their breakfast, to the chubby little feet pitter-pattering across the kitchen floor to see what/who is eating something.

It takes a lot of prayer, and a lot of patience but if you are still for a moment you can feel the harmony in your home, through all the chaos.

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