Five Minute Friday on the farm


Today I would like to participate in a little blog hop- called Five Minute Friday.

The topic today is Enjoy.

This week I have enjoyed the leaves and fall weather.  It won’t be here much longer, as the cold is setting in and the wind has picked up.  The leaves are now falling from the trees and soon they will all be bare.  It is hard to believe our first year at the farm has passed.

Ducks fall 2016

I enjoy our children and animals.  We added 6 more ducks to the farm (via a friend in Arkansas), and they are very happy it seems.  Four of them are Pekins, 1 a white Campbell, and the 6th a khaki Campbell like the 7 ducks we already have!  They are all known for their great egg laying and meaty bodies.

Ducks fall 2016

I enjoy scratching on the calves and feeding them when my husband is traveling.  Usually he goes out and feeds them while I clean the kitchen after dinner.  But when he is gone I feed them and love on them.  They’re sweet, although rowdy at times.


What do you enjoy?

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  1. Lori says:

    Makes me miss my growing up years. We are pretty far from a farm at this point but parts of me wish we lived on one. Or at least where we could have a few animals. What a joyful experience you share. Thanks!

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