Finding the Quiet {Blogging Through the ABCs}

Q is for Finding the Quiet

Q is for Quiet in the Chaos 😉

You saw that coming, didn’t you?

No really.  I have needed a little blogging inspiration lately; I have been in a rut the size of Texas.  Then I came to Q in our blogging through the alphabet series.  It reminded me of why I changed my blog name, bought my blog domain, and started writing for the masses (well, for more than just my family and friends).

Since I wrote my introduction post, we have added an another tiny human to our crew, and while she is a pretty perfect angel, her middle child, older brother is still just as demanding as he was a year ago.

Imagine that.  =)

So things aren’t ever exactly … quiet. haha

My goal of this blog is to help inspire other mamas, not give them more things to worry about.  Or more things to stress over.  I want to help solve problems, share simple, real-food meals, introduce new ideas, and inspire us all to look towards God for help, healing, and thanksgiving.

I have found when I am in a rut in any part of my life, it is when I have become “too busy” to focus on my relationship with Christ.

When I have stopped my daily devotionals for a few weeks, stopped praying over every part of my life; when I have shifted my focus from God to wordly things and controlling those wordly things, it seems like my wordly-world starts to become foggy, cluttered, and slowly shift back into chaos.

So this is me shifting my focus.

Through the move from Nebraska to Kansas, through trying to heal my body physically (so I can feel finally do what I love and run again), so I can feel better about myself and reflect that in all that I do; so I can be the best wife and mother I can be I am turning my Quiet back on.

This is me reminding myself, and any other mamas in their rut, to let go and turn everything over to Him.


Blogging Through the Alphabet

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