{Quiet in the Chaos}









Quiet In The Chaos


Those are words I would use to describe being a wife and mother.  A stay at home mom, a work at home mom, a work from home mom, a homeschooling mom.  It doesn’t matter.

We all struggle.

We all question our abilities.

We all fail.

And we all get back up, and try again.

We wipe tears.  We kiss scraped knees.  We comb {insert doll or stuffed animal name here}’s hair.  We buy back up lovies.  We cook hot meals for hungry bellies after a long day.  We vacuum floors to keep dangerous things out of little mouths.  We wash a million loads of laundry every week.  We tend to sick babies {and daddies}.

My goal for this blog, is two fold.  I want to do all those things joyfully.  I want to serve my family without complaints, without huffs, without an “I deserve…” mentality.  Because that isn’t why any of us were called to be mamas.  We were called to serve our families, to serve God.  So my first goal for this new blog, is to remind each of us to joyfully serve through the chaos.

My second goal here, is to remind you of the quiet.  Be encouraged.

I once read that raising littles is so hard.  It is all those things I listed at the top of this post, and more.  It is absolutely mentally and physically exhausting, to give yourself 100% of the time to someone else, knowing the decisions you make today, will determine their tomorrows.

Ask for the quiet.

When it is crazy, when there is a baby boy at your feet crying “eat, eat” and signing please because breakfast is 15 minutes past his hunger alarm, and a three year old crying because there is a motorized Thomas the Train stuck in her hair, and a husband trying to get ready for work when he can’t find a pair of ironed pants …

Ask for the quiet.

God delivers.  He hasn’t failed me yet.  He hasn’t failed you yet.  When I need a minute, just a minute to regroup, have a cup of coffee, and get off my feet, all I have to do is ask.  And it comes.

There is quiet in the chaos.  In the homeschooling day, in the rush to get out the door to work, in the business of working from home, and raising children who depend on you for everything, there is quiet in the chaos.

Be still and know that I am God   ~Psalm 46:10