Strawberry Allergy

Last week we discovered Lexie has a strawberry allergy.
So here’s the thing …  Lexie constantly has an eczema-type break out on her face (which we know is allergy related).  When she has too much dairy, or really acidic foods like tomatoes, the rash becomes actual fluid/puss filled sores that hurt.  Because of this, we water her milk down- half water, half milk- and limit her dairy intake.  The break out is always there, but doesn’t flare up like it used to.  (we had to completely stop grilled cheese made with Kraft singles- it always triggered a bad flare up).
So after she ate the strawberries, within 20 minutes her face was broken out all over.  We gave her benadryl, she took a nap, and when she woke up her face was COMPLETELY CLEAR.  The constant breakout/eczema she always has on her face (which again, we are sure is dairy), was gone too!  This tells me something she always eats/drinks is causing that breakout on her cheeks.

So, I think this week we are going to wean her onto almond milk and see if her face improves completely.  By the evening that same day, after having had milk after nap and with dinner, the eczema type breakout was back, and has been there since.  She tested positive at the chiropractor for dairy allergy, so we know she has it.  It just isn’t as intense as Mister’s, so we were letting her have the raw milk, but now my gut just tells me we need to stop cow’s milk completely.  Having your body constantly fighting like that is not good.

The challenge will be to get her to stop drinking cow’s milk…  she does not like Max’s coconut milk, so I am not even going to try to get her to drink that.  We will try almond I guess?  and see what happens.  I hope her face improves!

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