3 Simple Activities for Kids

Ensuring that http://quietinthechaos.com/older-woman-younger-man-dating-site-uk/ are happy and living a full life can feel overwhelming, especially when we compare our lives to other’s. But raising healthy, happy kids doesn’t have to be complicated, or create a “busy life” when a slower pace is what we wish for.

If kids have someone to love and relate to, and something they can do with their talents, you can build a beautiful foundation for your child. We like to focus on church, playdates, and relationships with Jesus and each other in our home. But when time allows, we like to add in “extra” activities.

Here are a few ideas if you’re looking for some productive, quality things that can fill your child’s (especially an extroverted child) days.

Activities for Kids

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There are many great reasons to encourage your children to get into sports- it’s opportunity to get healthy and move their bodies in hard ways. It’s also true that engaging in sports helps children understand social interactions, good sportsmanship, and respect, all things that will be used for the rest of their life. It doesn’t matter what the sport is, as long as they feel interested in trying it. Helping them get excited about the sport and understanding the basics before hand is always helpful. That could include finding dating a helicopter pilot, practice swinging different sized bats, practicing throwing the ball with them, or letting them practice shooting hoops. There is always drama, gymnastics, volley ball, and track. Karate also focuses on respect and self control. We really enjoy baseball and golf in our home.


Arts & Crafts

Allowing children to be creative will help them develop many qualities and skills that are useful throughout life-crafting requires patience, carefulness, attention to detail, and following directions carefully (think: sewing, leather working, and embroidery). It really is a joy to be creative, and if you find that your children express even a vague interest in that direction, absolutely consider trying to make the most of it by encouraging them to join some kind of arts and crafts group. These are often offered through children’s museums, a local art museum, and even the library. Check our your local crafting stores (Michaels, Hobby Lobby, etc) for crafting classes with kids.


Activities for Kids

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Everyone benefits from being outside- it improves our mood, provides vitamins we can’t get sitting inside, and encourages play. Children (and adults …) need movement and play outdoors! Get the kids outside for a walk daily if you can; walking in the woods, down the street, to the park, or around the corner to the grocery store are all easy ways to get in a walk.

Allow time on the walk for “piddling.” Looking at animals, bugs, leaves, flowers, and snowflakes while walking bring joy and curiosity to our days, providing a foundation for learning.

So- get those kiddos moving, creating, and outside!

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