Indoor Gardening for Kids


Gardening can be a great hobby for children, as it’s a great way for them to relax and learn about nature. When the weather is bad though, it can be difficult to find time for the children to get out into the garden (insert snow in October).

If you want to keep encouraging their green thumbs even when the weather won’t cooperate, you can find some fun indoor gardening projects that can be enjoyed by children of all ages regardless of the weather outside.

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Grow Plants From Seeds In The Kitchen

This project can be a great way for children to start experimenting with new foods, and an interesting way to learn about where their food comes from. You can start by testing out plants like lentils, peas, and brown rice, or mustard and pumpkins seeds.

Put all the seeds on some moist kitchen towels on the window sill and see which ones sprout. When the seeds start to grow, move them to a jam jar or small pot so they can carry on growing. Make sure you cover the roots well in soil.

Put the kids in charge of keeping their plants alive. They’ll need to regularly check for dry soil to see about watering. The challenge of having to keep them alive is great for kids, as it helps them to feel responsible. To keep their windowsill garden thriving, try an LED grow light bulb on the plants. These lamps mimic the light the plants would receive if they were outside.

Create A Cactus Garden

Cacti are great plants for kids, as they’re small and cute, come in lots of different shapes and colors, and are relatively easy to care for. Making a cactus garden is a fun project that will help them learn how plants adapt to different climates. A cacti garden will look pretty, even if neglected for a few days.

Give the children a large pot, or a few small pots. Fill the bottom with a layer of coarse sand, which will aid good drainage. For the rest of the pot, buy specialist cacti soil or mix sand and compost together. Fill the pot almost all the way to the top. The kids can arrange their cacti into the pots in any way they think looks nice. Make sure they wear gloves when they do this, to avoid pricked fingers. Once planted, decorate the top with sand and small rocks.

Decorate Plant Pots

For smaller children who might not yet be ready to care for a plant, there are some fun ways for them to get involved. Ask them to decorate some pots, ready to go in the garden when the weather improves, or to be used for indoor projects of any older siblings.

Give them some weatherproof paints, an empty plant pot, and let them get creative! Paint the pots with a layer of emulsion first, so their paints will show up properly and look bright and colorful.

These are a few simple ways to get your kids involved with gardening, even when the weather doesn’t allow for an outside garden.

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