When Jesus Finds You

If someone had told me when I was 18, that the man I just met would one day be my husband, that we would go on adventures together and have all the same loves; that we would one day have 4 babies, a small farm, and be blessed beyond measure, I would have told them they were crazy.

I never imagined the partying, depressed, anxious, and shy girl who was that 18 year old, would become the 31 year old I am today.  I am not done, rather God is not done, and He makes that perfectly clear every day as he uses my children, marriage, and dreams-come-true to smooth out my rough edges.

But I lived to tell about that girl.  I lived to tell about the bad choices, and the sadness, the broken family that still gave so much love; I lived to tell about the friends who didn’t live to tell about it.

Not to be dramatic, but that could’ve been me.  I was one bad choice away from being a statistic, like my brother, my best friend, and many, many other people I have known.

I think God has plans, He knows all.  His end goal is the same, how we get there and whether we get there or not, is up to us.  Free will and all…

But God can redeem it all.  He can redeem the heart and soul of every person on this planet for his Glory.  He surely redeemed my life.

Growing up, maturing, did a lot for my heart.  Marriage and learning to grow together with someone did too.  But after my brother died, I wrote God off (I think I have written about that before).  I knew He was there, I knew He existed, but I wanted nothing to do with Him.  I didn’t really have a relationship with Jesus, so it was easy to write off God.

And then I got pregnant- unexpectedly, in the middle of my last year at university, J.Tom and I found ourselves expecting a baby.  I was terrified, unsure, not ready for a baby, wasn’t even sure I even wanted kids, and God threw me for a real loop.

It was through that baby that I found Jesus.

And it has been through her, and each pregnancy and baby after, that He has worked in my life, so that I may work in theirs.  I couldn’t be a good mama to them, if I didn’t have Jesus.

Maybe He found me, while I was wandering aimlessly for those several months, and at my most vulnerable grabbed me, shook me awake, and made me realize what was at stake.  A life.  Another human life was going to depend on me, and what was I going to teach her?

What was the world about?

What was the world NOT about?

What was life?

What would I tell her?


Jesus is life.

And the only way to prove that to her, to all of the world, is to live it.

Jesus Said To Him

I don’t live it perfectly; I make so many mistakes.  But reading the Word, talking the Word, worshiping Him with my babies each morning during morning basket, all helps get my feet where they should be so the kids and I can all stand firm in Him.

He meets us where we are, no matter where that might be.

How do you get your day started with Jesus?  Where in life did He meet you?

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