Weekly Wrap Up: Week of August 11

This is a review of what we did the week of August 11th … we are only a little behind!  =)

We started the week by going to Lincoln for a dentist appointment.  The kids got their teeth cleaned and all checked out.  Everything turned out great!

Lexie has never been one to want to draw.  She sorta freaks out because she “doesn’t know how” to draw pictures like she sees in books.  SO we have been walking through the things that pictures need.  She comes up with some GREAT stuff!  =)

This is a picture of Daddy with big daddy hair  haha

She really enjoys our patterning block cards.  Thanks to my mom we have what seems like hundreds of patterning blocks!  (There’s nothing like having a teacher for a Mia!)  They are so much fun to sort, stack, and make pictures!

We got all ready for gymnastics one Thursday, only to arrive and realize the last week for summer session was the week before!  So, we decided to hit up the library where she got books all about what?  Why, trains of course!  And I grabbed the wonderful book, “The Well Trained Mind,” which is about classical education.

She loves free time downstairs with all our learning toys.  One of her favorites is the etch a sketch, which was mine and my brother’s when we were kids.  One day she brought it to me and said, “Look!  I made a Nebraska and Arkansas!”  Arkansas is reversed, but I gotta say, it looks pretty good to me!

ANd in our free time, we watched daddy work on his smoker:

We made pallets on the floor to watch The Sound of Music, Lexie’s favorite!

Max got his first peanut butter: Yum!

 Max learned all about driving the Cozy Coupe:

And eating mud:

Then at the end of the week, we built a fort in the living room!

So, that was our week for the week of August 11th!  What have you and your family done this month?  Share in the comments!

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