Weekly Wrap-Up Sept 20, 2013- Play With Me by Marie Hall Ets

This last week has been a LOT of fun!

We started each day off with Bible time at beakfast, like always.  We also did our memory work here- Lexie has learned Matthew 7:12, and a poem about the wind over the course of the last few weeks.  I thought about doing a weekly verse and a weekly poem, but at this age I feel like maybe that’s just too much.  So I think we will do one or two a month. Oh, and she has both memorized already.  We will just continue reviewing them.

Then we did a few chores and went down stairs for calendar, and story time.  Here is when Mister plays with us, we do a little circle time, and
Pooh series by A.A.Milne.  We are reading The House At Pooh Corner.  

And Lexie just loves it.  She asks to read the chapters over and over, and retells the stories.  She likes t be sure she gets every detail correct.  Maybe she is a future writer?  =) 

We also have my original collection in one bound book, I think it was what I got on my first Christmas?  Or maybe later, but I know I was young.  It is my favorite book. 

Each day we read our weekly BFIAR story, which was Play with Me by Marie Hall Ets

Lexie LOVED this story, and the activities we did with it (we used the pond pack from Homeschool Creations and Homeschool Share).  She had me read it over and over and over …  while I read, she colored or we snuggled.

The activities were a lot of fun, and included a “Who Am I?” clue word game, and gluing which is Lexie’s favorite!

(this is actually a tracing activity we didn’t get to last week for our BFIAR story, and she wanted to do it)

We also went to the library to play and get our apple and fall books for this week.  (YAY!)

One day we went to the park and played.  There, we collected tiny pine cones, talked about what animals might live there, climbed a tree, blew dandelions … you know the typical nature walk kinda things.  =)

Friday we packed up and went camping at Neobrara State Park.  It was awesome, and a much needed family weekend.  I will write about it another time.  =)

This week we finished (FINALLY!) our thank you cards from Bug and Mister’s birthdays.  Now I just have to get them addressed and in the mail ..  

We also had a wonderful playdate at a friend’s house, played outside a ton (LOVE fall weather), and worked in the garden.  Lexie is such a great helper in the garden and enjoys finding what we have on the vine each morning.  

Her Great-grandaddy Payne would be proud of his littler gardener.

Protector of the tomatoes (Scarlet likes to eat them off the plant ..)

Playing outside with Lilly

Mister and his favorite person- “dag dag!” = dog dog!

Sweet bear at the park, just hanging out and climbing on the slide.

he was actually tasting leaves … 

The result of her big morning at the park.  First day of a nap in 2 weeks- AAAAH!

Since she took a nap, she got to go to walmart late with mama- check out the sundress and camo boots!

Some of the last few days’ harvest- what are now fermented tomatoes!

He just loves to eat

waky waky sleepy Lexie!

Loves for his dog dog

What did you do this past week with your littles and family?

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