Water and Other Adventures

As you will see from the pictures, I got Lexie in the water Monday. J.Tom and I went fishing Monday morning and caught a mess of huge bream. Then, Lexie and I laid out and Lou played in her bathtub which is doubling as a pool. I am trying to get us in the condo pool at the condos across the street-J.Tom’s company owns a few condos in there as so do Parc Clematis, and many of the employees. I have always thought about how cool it would be to live in a condo! It wasn’t until a friend of mine recommended I did some more research to learn more about what it takes to be able to afford property like this that I have made it my mission to one day earn enough and be able to call a condo home. That would be the dream.

After I came across the name Eddie Yan and the brentwood condos on his site, this is where I feel my love for this sort of accommodation began. Some that I have seen look amazing and whoever can afford a place like this is so lucky. A friend of mine was lucky enough to get one of those amazing San Diego downtown apartments, she said she completely loved it. I wanted to go to visit her and see it but haven’t really had the time. Maybe one day! We will see.

I have him working on that today. =)

Well, so far I have one good job that is bi weekly… I have another that emailed me but needs to wait until next week when they get back from a minor family crisis. Hopefully that goes through. This afternoon we are going to go to a few condos and ask to leave the brochure in their office. Then we will also drop them off at like the tanning bed and other places. We also have to finish my neighborhood (there are like 6 houses I didn’t get to) and then we may go walk around another neighborhood and try. If i can get 4 more jobs, we will be good!

loves the ball pit
We are LOVING our time at home. It is just wonderful, and busy. I don’t sit down for very long most days. Lexie is now mobile-she is crawling on one foot and a knee. Surprisingly, she is pretty fast and I have to watch her. This has really motivated me to keep my house picked up a little better! If it isn’t out/down she can’t get into it. I have all the plugs plugged, but we need baby proof stuff for the cabinets and one more baby gate where the 2 steps are from the the kitchen to the entry way. What is really funny is she tries to stand up from her hands and feet, with her bottom in the air. (Think Moby walking like a bear in The Jungle Book.) But what is WONDERFUL, is she can now go from her tummy to her bottom all on her own. So each time she plops on her belly, she is able to get up on her own and no longer cries for assistance.

She is saying “dada” ALL THE TIME NOW! UH. No “mamas” just icky ole daddy.. and she knows what she is saying. Now sometimes she will use it for Stitch too, or just in babbling. but when she is searching for or see J.Tom, it is “Dada” for a reason.

Apparently, her hair is red? In the house it looks more blonde but in every single picture we take she looks like a strawberry blonde. In hopes of darkening her skin, I soaked her in sunscreen and then places her pool in the sun for a few minutes. Nothing but white. She def got the Wright skin.. =( Now, don’t get me wrong, I AM FINE WITH THAT. What stinks is that she will forever have to worry about getting burned and skin cancer, something most people in my family have never been concerned with.

Right this moment she is trying to pull up on the couch, which is too tall for her… as is every other piece o furniture in here. She is so busy and plays so well by herself!

On Tuesday and Thursday of each week during the summer she is going to my friend Whitney’s house (while I clean houses… hopefully). She has two boys that are 3 & 4 and LOVE Lexie. Of course she loves them too; she really enjoys other kids and in being at home I don’t want to take that from her so I am glad this all worked out. If i were home 5 days a week, we would still go to the library and go to mommy and me activities with other kids. It isn’t fair not to socialize them… Plus I need to get out and socialize a little bit or I become a super hermit.

And as i say all of that, she just crawled on both knees… so it won’t be long and she will be doing that all the time. Possibly by the end of the day! haha

“Now why’d you have to go and do that?”

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