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Lexie raising up-3 months old

Things are improving around the Wright home.  Looks like Lexie is feeling better than she was Mon. and Tuesday.  She is sleeping a little better during the day (which is unusual-she rarely takes a good nap).  She loves, loves loves her Bumbo seat and is sitting up really well in it.  She has been trying to raise herself up while lying on her back.  She gets so mad when she can’t do it..  but she get like 3-4 inches laying flat or while propped in the chair!!  Before long she will be raising all the way up, which is good but makes me sad.  She is also standing up, all the time!  She constantly wants to stand instead of sit and if you hold her hands out to help her sit up, she will just stand right up; she is too strong to be only 3 months old.

As you may know, I am a little OCD about certain things, well, a lot of things and I think this contributes to the fact that I LOVE being a stay at home mom.  I love to clean and make our home nice for J.Tom and Lexie.  I enjoy cooking and have even started to enjoy laundry!  (what is wrong with this picture?!)  I got this super awesome iron for Christmas from J.Tom and I L-O-V-E it!!  I guess some people would think that is crazy, but I know many women who love being a stay at home mom and wife.  It is definitely a full time job, so long as you don’t sit around and do nothing all day…  But i am constantly on my feet cleaning, organizing, laundry-ing (my own word) or spending time with Lexie.  I don’t want to go back to school but fortunately it is only from Jan3rd-May 6th!!  Yes, I will be counting the days till I get to be home with Lexie again, even if it is just for the summer months.  =)

Since the beginning of J.Tom’s back troubles in July and becoming a mother in September, I have learned many things about myself.  Here are just a few:

  • I love taking care of people I love
  • Maybe I should have been a nurse…(uh oh)
  • I will do anything for J.Tom
  • I am okay when Lexie cries, and that is okay
  • I am more obsessive about things; it seems like if one thing gets out of control everything does and then it is hard to get them back in order
  • I firmly believe in routines, rules and procedures
  • I need order in my life or I get overwhelmed
  • Lists, lists, lists!
  • Google calendar is my best friend
  • exercising really helps me keep my sanity and feel better about myself
  • I strongly resemble the characteristics of the boy in the book House Rules (routines, sounds, textures, obsessions… minus the genius part of course).  I realize I do not have aspergers, so I guess I have no excuse which just makes me neurotic  =P
  • I want to have 3 children and maybe adopt a fourth

Enough about me…

Hello der!

J.Tom is up and about, a little bit.  We are really hoping this surgery fixed all the problems and things will go back to normal within a few months.  The surgery took about an hour and 15 minutes; the spinal cord tear had healed itself but the cyst that formed over the hole did not absorb into his body like the doctor had hoped.  So, they cauterized the cyst and put in a drain to pull the blood away from that area.  They took the drain out a day or two later.  He is being a pretty good sport, considering he is so limited.  He is the very last person to just sit or lay around, so it really kills him to not get to work in the yard or tinker around the house.

We did family pictures last Saturday so hopefully we will get those soon and I can make up our Christmas cards.  Chances are I will have to do “new year” cards instead.  I don’t think I can get them made and mailed in time for Christmas…  OH!  I did get all our shopping done!  YAY  Some gifts won’t be here in time for our get-together here (which is next Friday) but we didn’t really have a choice with J.Tom being down and things kind of being crazy, online shopping was the easiest way to go.  Had we known a week before that he would get surgery, we would have ordered them a week earlier…  But oh well.

Well, I am exhausted and trying to get a some things done for a few gifts.. so I better get off here and get busy!  But, here is a little sneak peak of one of Lexie’s pics from our photo shoot last weekend.  =)


  1. Ginny says:

    Sweet pictures of your baby girl. Sounds likes she’s growing really fast like Nyla.
    Nyla only wanted to stand when she hit 3.5 months. We got her an exersaucer so she could stand and she loves it! She’s not standing as much as she was a month ago, she’s starting to sit up on her own though. She leans forward on her hands, but is trying to do it without her hands and she’s getting good. We figure by Christmas she’ll be sitting up on her own. Crazy girl!
    Our babies are growing too fast!

  2. Megs501 says:

    Wow, Ginny! Nyla is growing so fast, too! It is a little sad to see them grow so quickly. =)

    Lexie is getting and exersaucer for Christmas (next weekend) from her Sue Sue. I cannot wait for her to get it! I know she will love it.

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