Udderly Smooth {a review}

I want to share a great product with you.  Well, really my husband should share it!

I had the open box sitting on the counter, he walked in from work and said, “Oh hey- Udder(ly) Smooth!  I love this stuff!”  
Me, in my amusement, replied, “What?!  When have you used it?”
Him- “Oh, yea.  Mom used to buy this sometimes.  It’s good stuff.”

Now you have to understand, my husband is a man’s man.  He is an engineer, loves to build stuff, does woodowork, can wire electrical outlets, build decks, fix garage doors, chop and load firewood … I mean he’s pretty tough (and handy!).

But he hates for his hands to be dry.  Every night on his way to bed, he stops at my dresser and rubs some lotion on his hands.  His hands aren’t girly soft, but they aren’t dried and cracked (like mine from being in dishwater all the time).   

My first thought was, for him to say it is good stuff, it really must be!

A little About Udderly SmoothUddlery Smooth is a greaseless, stainless, water-based moisturizer.  The really fun thing about its origin, is it was originally developed for use on dairy cows!  But it has proven to be a wonderful product for human skin.

You can find it at many of your favorite retailers like Walmart, Ace Hardware, Hyvee, Walgreens.com, and Menards.  Here is a complete list of retailers.

What I Think
I have to tell you, this southern girl from the deep land of Dixie is used to humidity 24/7, all year round.  After spending my first full year out in the midwest (Nebraska, to be exact), I have found my already dry skin, to be extra-dry.  At the first sign of cold temps, my cuticles and hands start cracking.  Most products burn when I put them on my hands (I guess because of the harsh chemicals and fragrances).

Udderly Smooth is amazing!  I can already tell a difference in my skin, after just a few days use.  They offer so many products, from the heavier, healing body cream, to an everyday hand lotion and moisturizer.  

What I love:

  • This moisturizer has been made in the USA for over thirty years!  
  • It is unlike other moisturizers, in that Udderly Smooth can be used not only on dry skin, cracked skin, but for diabetes foot care, & as a Facial Moisturizer as well!
  • The website lists the ingredients for each of their products so you know exactly what is going on your skin
  • They offer fragrance free options
  • No greasy feeling left on my skin, at all!
  • The price!

Udderly Smooth ranges in price from $1.75 for a small 2oz tube, to $8.00 for a 10oz foot cream with a pump.  It is so reasonably priced!  Here is a direct link to order from their website.

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