Trident Kraken A.M.S. Case for iPad- {a review}

Trident Case Review
 I have had my little ole iPad since I graduated college, in 2011.  It has lived in its same case from day 1; needless to say it is pretty worn out.  So when I have the chance to review the Kraken A.M.S. Case for Apple iPad 2/3/4 by Trident Case, I was very excited!

Product Description

The Kraken A.M.S. case for iPad is one of many cases made by Trident Case; it has a polycabronate shell, button and port protection, and it meets or exceeds military standards.  Maybe my favorite part, is it is made in the USA!  The protective plastic screen is very durable, as is the outside cover.  The added rubber inserts help with shock absorption, and grip support.

Trident Case Review

What I Thought About the Kraken A.M.S. Case

I will say, this is a rugged, protective case.  Yes.  If you are looking for a case for travel, or that will be safe for your kids to use a lot (or if you are just rough on electronic devices), this is probably the one for you!  The screen protector still allows for easy, smooth touch screen action.  The port covers seem pretty durable for long term use, and it is not heavy.  Not to mention, it is very simple to put on your device.

I used the case for a while, just for everyday use.  Keep in mind I use my iPad *all day long.*  I pull up recipes, we listen to music, I email my husband and message family, all from the iPad.  So it gets a lot of use.  The case held up very well, I had no real problems with it.  I did notice some dirt or dust managed to get under the screen protector; other than that, it held up really well.  The only time my 3 year old uses the iPad is to play on the Starfall app (which we love, by the way).  Otherwise, she doesn’t do much with it.  If she used the iPad more, I would probably continue using the Kraken A.M.S. case.

But I will be honest, I went back to my old, worn, leather case.  I’m a sucker like that …  The Trident case would require I purchase a stand and holder, separately.  My old case easily allows me to stand my iPad up for reading recipes, watching my favorite shows, and looking at live animal cams with the kids.  Now, my old case is not durable like the Kraken A.M.S.  In fact, I dropped my iPad a few months back in my leather case and the top corner of the screen cracked and has started to crumble  *insert very sad face here*

So, again- The Kraken definitely has its place.  If you use your iPad in such a way you need a very durable case that offers great protection, I highly recommend this one.  At $69.95, it will keep your electronic device safe, secure, and protected no matter who is using it.  =)

One accessory I do use a lot and probably won’t change because it comes in so handy is the ipad holder I purchased, it caught my eye as i was something different it wasn’t your regular ipad holder or tablet stand that you think of when you think tablet stand, this one is a bean bag, not a full size bean bag obviously but a smaller version one that fits an ipad or tablet perfectly although you can use it for your phone too. I bought this ipad holder for bed originally as that’s what it’s designed for as it can be placed on soft and uneven surfaces unlike many other holders or stands, I use it all the time whether I’m reading in bed or lying on the sofa watching a video it’s perfect, I do tend not to use it in the kitchen when cooking though as it’s made from material and as I use my tablet for reading recipes when cooking I fear that I would end up splashing something on to it so I just use my tablet case in the kitchen but if I’m using my tablet anywhere else in the house I always use my bean bag tablet holder.

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