Thanksgiving Books for PreK and K Children (4+ years)

Thanksgiving Books for Pre-K +

This Thanksgiving was the first year we really focused on the history of Thanksgiving.  Honestly, I don’t know why I waited until this year?  Maybe because we usually aren’t home during Thanksgiving?  I don’t know … anyway.  This year I checked out a few books at our local (very small) library about Thanksgiving.  Throughout the last year, we have come across books and stories that involved Native Americans, so I knew that part of Thanksgiving would really interest Lexie.  Turns out, she loved the books we go.  Here are a few (keep in mind, this is just what was available at our library, there are many good Thanksgiving books out there).

So, there you have it; these were our supplemental books for Thanksgiving reading.  I know it is a bit after Thanksgiving, but you can pin it for next year.  =)

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