{Surrender} Word for the Year 2017

Surrender {Word of the Year 2017}

For the past few years I have chosen a word for the year.

I can’t exactly explain how I came up with my word this year; it isn’t something I particularly feel like I need to work on, like joy or intention.  But as I have been reading my Bible and doing short Bible studies the last few weeks, the word surrender has come up so many times.


I know He is wanting me to completely surrender everything to Him; I thought I had done this a few years back (specifically when we moved from AR despite all my fears), but apparently I still need work in this area. 😉

The Lord wants us to surrender it all to Him: our life, heart, mind, body, soul, hopes, plans, dreams, children, marriage, past, present, future, habits, character flaws, health, attitudes, finances, relationships, family, our hurt, pain, worry, doubts, fear, and anxieties, all of which encompass our sins.   Many of these things I have let go and given to him, but as I look over this list, I know there is much work to be done.

He takes away these sins and pours out blessings that are so. much. better!  holding on to them is like cutting off our nose to spite our face.  Just because we don’t know what will happen, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do it-let go of it.  The Lord is only going to redeem those areas of our life.

There is much, much more prayer to be said.  How can I surrender to Him even more than I already have?  Let me count the way!

Look for more posts on this as I (or the Lord?) work out the kinks on surrendering fully to Jesus.

Read about my 2013, 2015, and 2016 words.  They were intention, smile, and joy.

What is your word for the year?

(I know may of us can come up with several words for the year.  I can think of more than I can more easily apply to my life, but for whatever reason this word stood out to me during my Bible time a few weeks back and has been weighing on me.  I don’t try to squeeze in more words, or a word a month, etc.  It is easier and more meaningful for me to do one word for the year, and apply it accordingly.  Maybe you have more than one word, and of course that works, too!)

Word of the Year 2017

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