Sonlight Box Day: P4/5 {our first ever}

As you may know we have chosen Sonlight P4/5 for our homeschool learning fun this year.  I did not buy the entire package they offer for a few different reasons.  As easy as it would be, we already had a few of the resources, some I didn’t really want to include, and others I found less expensive elsewhere.

Our first Sonlight Box Day P4/5

While I did purchase many things directly from SL (my IG, binder, tabs, several books, etc), I didn’t get everything from them. So .. because of that we would not be having a regular “box day” like many homeschooling families get to enjoy.  But, the school supply and book nerd in me desperately wanted a box day (yes, I did it partially for me)  and I also knew Lexie Raye would LOVE it!  And if it involved books, so would Max. So I took an old sturdy box I have been collecting all our resources in, and used it for our “box day!”  I am so glad I did!

Sonlight Box day

Lexie was asking me questions about every single book she pulled out.  I knew several were going to be favorites right away- anything that looked like a chapter book (she LOVES them), the Berenstein Bears Big Book of Science and Nature, and Peter Rabbit.  Oooh how we love Peter Rabbit in this house.  =)

Sonlight Box Day

We can’t wait to dive into our Sonlight P4/5 curriculum!  Lady bug is so excited, and Mister is too.


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