Simple, Meaningful Devotional for Moms

I am so excited to share with you one of my favorite devotionals for moms. I have done a few different devotionals for moms, and tried to squeeze them in with my journaling/Bible notes, but it always gets the best of me. I’ve never completed an entire devotional, until now.

You know I have a love for all things simple. With little ones under foot, homeschool, and just life in general, I *need* simple, and enjoy beautiful. Finding time for Jesus should be the most important part of our day, but sometimes it can be the hardest! But, now it is much easier.

Meet: Help Club for Moms. A friend introduced me to their devotionals (which are free on their website) and I fell in love!

Why you will love HCFM Devotionals:

  • These ladies have a heart for Jesus, and a heart for raising our children in Jesus, and doing it with servant hearts
  • Conviction- there has not been one page in their Enjoys devotional that didn’t resonate with me
  • Convenience- the devotionals are designed to be used 2-3 days a week
  • Journaling- each lessons has a journaling page! This is my favorite part. I *love* looking back on where I was with the Lord, and what he laid on my heart at that time
  • Beauty-I promise, you have not seen a more beautiful devotional
  • Mentorship- It is hard, very hard, to find women (let alone moms) that have been in the trenches or are there with us, that truly humble themselves before the Lord. (Don’t we all struggle?!) These ladies have done it, they are there, and on their knees in prayer with us.

a simple, meaningful devotional


My sweet husband wakes me every morning with coffee; many mornings, after making his breakfast and packing his lunch I sit down, coffee in hand, to my devotional & Bible. It is my precious morning time with Jesus, and I am *so* thankful Help Club For Moms has helped give me a just what I need to feel encouraged, convicted, and remain faithful in my walk with Jesus.

I have not seen the inside of the new devotional, The Wise Woman Knows, but I just ordered my copy this morning! Click the image below to get your copy now. The new session begin October 8th, and you can find them, follow along, and join the conversation, on their FB page.

You can find their other devotionals online as well. Click HERE.



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