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For my first review with The Review Crew at The Old Schoolhouse (TOS), I get to share something wonderful with my readers-!

I have my go-to resources for certain homeschool topics, but I am always out hunting for something to supplement our nature walks, science activities, language and reading lessons, and of course, my organization.  So when I got to try out this resource, I was super excited!

The yearly membership option  at, has changed my homeschooling life.  

It is so much more than a supplement, it could completely replace all our homeschool curricula!  It is full of wonderful online resources, right at my fingertips.  And for just $3, you can try it for an entire month.  You can’t beat that!

My favorite Things

First off, has some pretty amazing planners!  Under the “extras” tab at the top of the homepage, you will find my favorite planner, the “Schoolhouse Planner.”  It offers over 800 pages which you can include {or exclude} as you wish.  

It is incredible- includes tons of useful lists, and even household charts.  I downloaded it immediately, and printed what I knew I will need.  The download itself is even divided into a few main folders, which is so helpful when deciding what to print.  They offer a planner for everyone, including a special learners planner, and primary, intermediate, and high school student planners.

 Next, I looked at their Preschool curriculum for December activities.  This was so exciting, because I joined at the beginning of December, just in time for planning our lessons!  This month it is full of wonderful Christmas (and other) activities which we plan to include in our Advent studies.  My favorite is the cinnamon applesauce ornaments (those are on our list next week-come back to read how it goes); we will use this as a math lesson, and give the ornaments to family and friends for Christmas.  

I am most impressed with how developmentally appropriate the lessons are.  They include everything from language and reading to math and fine motor skills.  They are simple, yet effective and fun lessons.  Here is a screen shot of all the Pre-K and Elementary lessons available:

Another favorite feature is the family section.  Here you will find many subjects with related family activities and printables.  There are great checklists, monthly reading lists (which we love) and so much more.  We have already used the reading list for family reading times, and bedtimes.  My daughter loves checking out books at the library to bring home, but I am never sure which books to get once we are there, and forget to do a search for appropriate books before we leave- this month’s list fits perfectly into the activities and lessons for December and are age appropriate.  Definitely one of my favorite features, check it out!

Then there is the dailies section–  Oh.  My.  From daily grammar, to this day in history, they have really thought of it all; every subject is divided into easy daily lessons.  After Christmas we are going to begin the many pre-k lessons they offer, specifically the Bible story activities.  They are so great, and I know Lexie will really enjoy them.

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I can’t possibly hit all homeschool topics and sections, or describe all the information that provides.  It is an endless amount of information with everything you need, including links and resources for lessons.  The best part is it is so well organized, easy to navigate (in my opinion), and worth so much more than you pay!

My Final Thoughts

I can’t wait to really dig into after our Christmas “break.”  It is not only a great resource for families with small children, but is also great for families that are using self-directed learning at home with older children.  

As our children get older, it is easier to give them their materials, and let them teach themselves (with you as a guide).  I think this resource makes that a total reality, especially with their video lessons!  This website can be used for all grade levels and age groups.

We will most definitely be using it for many years to come.  I think all homeschool families can utilize what has to offer! Yearly Membership Option

Well, maybe the best part is the price.  No need to sign up each child in your family- one family, one fee!  The yearly membership option is only $139, for 12 months, for the entire family.

When you sign up for the $139 yealry membership option, your family will get:

  • A yearly subscription to
  • Full access to daily, weekly, and monthly lessons for over 50 courses, available all day, every day
  • Free access to applecore gold plan, a secure online record keeping and grading system
  • Core subjects and electives for all grade levels
  • Access to amazing teachers who create the lessons and also help with questions on lessons and courses
  • A variety of lessons, including print, audio, and video for all homeschooling styles
  • The Schoolhouse planners (a user favorite!)
  • New lessons and resources added throughout the year
  • New subscribers receive free e-books for their first 12 months (titles here)
And right now, when you join during December, you will receive a free 1-year membership to give to a friend!  What a blessing to give another family such a valuable resource! 

**For just $3, you can try for one month.  I think for $3, I would be willing to try a lot of things to see if I would really like and use them!  But keep in mind, the December offers won’t be here much longer.
I really cannot say enough good, exciting things about, as a resource for anyone that chooses to homeschool.  I am so thankful for our membership, and I will continue to join as my children grow!  This is an invaluable resource for our family, and it will be for your family as well.
 After you sign up, come back and let me know what you think!
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