Quieting the Noise

Quieting The Noise: Quiet In The Chaos

I often reflect on my blog and the intentional name I gave it- Quiet in The Chaos- it was meant for a quiet place, where I could come to write and decompress while sharing with readers a quiet voice of learning, living life, and growing in Christ.

It can be overwhelming- the overwhelming number of blogs, the Pinterest posts and projects, the Facebook friends and politics. I enjoy all those things- but truly try to simplify each. I try to limit my time reading blogs because *holy cow* so. much. information. I don’t pin things that I don’t think I will actually try or use, and I keep my personal Facebook friends to a bare minimum, “cleaning house” often.

But it is still so easy to become sucked into the habit of jumping on Facebook or youtube for a quick glance or post when I grab a free minute. Have you ever tried just not opening those apps or websites? It can be really hard to realize how often we turn to them.

And you know what it all is?


All of it is a distraction, a noise. And, yes, I realize I am writing to you from a computer, where I will share my post on Facebook and hope that you pin it under your “inspirational posts” board on Pinterest. =P

But I don’t want to be noise for others- I don’t write content for the purpose of making money or to see how many post hits I can get.

I write because it is fun, and I know what it is like to be online searching for a simple homeschool day routine, dairy free cake recipe, or encouragement on natural, healthy choices for my family.

I know what it is like to sometimes look for resources to help me build my home, homeschool, homestead, and natural medicine cabinet.

I pray that this blog is peaceful to those that visit it; that it isn’t just noise.

Imagine if every time we turned to the noise we instead turned to Christ. Imagine if every time we open the FB app to take a quick peak, if instead we open our YouVersion app to read a Bible scripture or devotional, quickly write in our prayer journal, or stop and pray for someone or something we haven’t prayed for recently. Or maybe we just stop to thank Jesus for this day, and ask for a minute of quiet.

Christ brings peace.

Peace is the absence of noise and confusion.

I will say that again- Christ brings PEACE. Peace is the absence of noise and confusion  … Christ is the absence of distraction from the important things.

Noise isn’t just what we hear, it is the crazy distractions we are propelled towards in this world- T.V., commercials, our phones, apps, computers, commercialism. All these “things” have us distracted from the most important work of all- God’s work! Raising his children, helping his men, being fishers of men for Him.

I am challenging myself to take the next few weeks to break from daytime distractions. I want to spend my time fully present with the important things for my life- Christ, serving my family for Him, quality time with my children and husband, making my days more intentional by menu planning and preparing for the week better so I can have quality time with them, journaling, and also writing for my blog more.

Can you let go of your distractions and replace them with more meaningful moments? We will see if I can! =)

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