Oven Roasted Vegetables

Easy Oven Roast Vegetables {Quiet In The Chaos}

Since we had Baby Ila, my husband has done all the shopping (except for one quick trip I made with Mister and Miss during Lady’s gymnastics)- every time he goes he grabs some veggies.  Because just about every day, I have been making us oven roasted vegetables for at least one meal!

These are SO easy, even more delicious, and are loved by everyone in the house.  You can seriously use any variety of veggies- I like a few red potatoes, fresh green beans, a whole head of garlic (because I could eat 10 heads of roasted garlic … that’s right, not cloves.  heads), a few peeled carrots, zucchini, and my latest addition- peeled beets!  Mmmm

Now, the zucchini get a tiny bit over
cooked, because all the other veggies take so long to become tender.  However, for me that isn’t a problem.  The zucchini is like …. buttery.  It is so delicious when roasted!

We have all decided we like our veggies roasted better than sauteed, which is saying a lot!

Oven Roasted Vegetables

50 minutes

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Oven Roasted Vegetables


  • You can use any combo of veggies, or any single vegetable (like potatoes or carrots)
  • 4 red potatoes, chopped in medium to small cubes
  • a handful or two of fresh green beans (I just chop off the ends)
  • 2 zucchini, cut lengthwise then chopped in half circles
  • 2-4 beets, peeled and chopped into cubes or wedges
  • 2-3 peeled organic carrots (I say organic because have you ever tasted an organic carrot?! Oh my they're SO much better than regular carrots)
  • 1 head of garlic, peeled- don't chop the garlic, just throw each clove in there whole
  • 2+ TBSP olive oil
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • large bowl for tossing
  • roasting dish for roasting (or any long baking dish will do)


  1. Preheat oven to 450*
  2. As you chop your veggies, throw them in a large mixing bowl
  3. After everything is chopped, drizzle bowl of veggies with olive oil
  4. Sprinkle generously with real salt, and pepper
  5. Pour into baking dish
  6. Pope the UNcovered dish into the oven for 40-50 minutes
  7. *I set my timer for 25 minutes, then toss the vegetables and place them back in the oven for 25 more minutes. This lets all of the veggies get roasted more evenly and they crunch up a little better. Mmmm I can taste them now!

You can get real salt here (remember real salt is NEVER white, even “sea salt.”  It should be gray, brown, pink, etc).  Plus, real salt isn’t “salty” it has flavor, and is delicious.  We love it in our home.

Easy Oven Roast Vegetables {Quiet In The Chaos}

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  1. Kimberly A. Vogel says:

    I’ve been roasting my veggies like this since we started eating healthy a few years ago. EXCEPT I’m allergic to garlic. YIKES. I also haven’t tried green beans mixed with other veggies. I’m trying it soon!

    • Meghan says:

      Erica- thanks for stopping by! Real salt isn’t as sodium-salty tasting. If that makes sense? It actually has flavor. It is really good- you should just get a bag to try and see how you like it. =)

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