Other Bodies by Joel Ohman {a review}

There is something about the debate over abortion that so many of us want to avoid. Is it the “right to choose” argument or the “when does life begin?” argument? Or the “who is going to adopt all the unwanted babies?” argument …

Regardless, there is a nagging feeling of “everyone has a right to their opinion,” and “some people aren’t ready to have children,” (man, I have so many arguments to those statements-but this isn’t about my view on abortion) but at the same time, NO ONE has the right to take an innocent life.

No one.

That is where the book Other Bodies by Joel Ohman comes in- taking on the picture of abortion from the view of a young girl suffering through many emotional trials, Hattie makes the most gut wrenching decision a young woman can make, to abort her baby.

But the story doesn’t stop there; it only just begins. This story is set in the future, in a world where everyone has been emotionally programmed via the media, desensitization, and PR coverups to simply not feel about abortion.

Through the use of TEDs (computers that are to be treated as people … oddly, much like our society today, the living child being aborted has no rights) young women are “programmed” via computer enhanced virtual realities so there is no feeling during the procedure of abortion. This, as we see through several characters, doesn’t change the emotional devastation that comes after choosing abortion.

This is a fiction novel consisting of 258 pages, written in such a way you won’t want to put it down! I loved the double story lines, the surprises along the way (which I am trying really hard not to give away to my readers), and the matter of fact approach to the Pro Life stance

The body inside your body is NOT your body, and we don’t harm other bodies.


There is an answer to the abortion industry problem in our country-but it is a foundational one. It isn’t something adoption can fix, or the government can fix. It starts with morals, it starts with prevention, and it starts with a revamping of our system. It isn’t something we can put a bandaid over and call it done.

Other Bodies is a glimpse of where our culture is headed regarding abortion and the murder of life. I can’t say enough good things about Joel Ohman’s approach on this topic, and how much our society needs to hear this perspective on abortion! If you do nothing else, please read his bio, and author notes-pick up a copy of this book. Yes, it is disturbing on some level, but it is so profound!

This is a wonderful young adult book for young girls and boys (14+? maybe even younger, depending on maturity) to read, after their parents have read it as well; this way it can be discussed between the child and parent. It would also be a good bookclub read, as there is lots of room for discussion.

(disclaimer: there are some parts that may be hard for some to read, it will depend on your personality. It didn’t bother me, as I knew I was reading a book, but the fact that so many of the details are things that happen similar in abortions today may be a trigger for some.)


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Other Bodies-a must read!

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