My One Word for the Year & How to Choose Your Own

Every year I try to choose a word for my focus; I’ve done this for several years. This year I had an entire list of ideas, but none of them seemed to encompass everything- Everything I’ve experienced this year, what I want next year to look like, and how those things fit in with God’s plan. (I don’t do resolutions or yearly goals/plans.)

Sometimes the BIG picture is the hardest one to see. I need pieces, I need to know how things start, so I can see where I am going. This translates to everything in my life- from chalk painting a chair, to raising my kids. Maybe it is why I love teaching, and reading, and crafting… Starting somewhere hard and uncertain can often end up so beautiful with so much to learn.

Those light bulb moments, you know?

This week we were in Colorado and I was really trying to figure out what my word would be. I was very much regretting having not brought my journaling Bible or regular Bible, both of which I had packed up but decided not to bring. I prayed about it while flipping through my Bible/prayer journal which I did bring, and saw one of my favorite quotes; it is one I’ve written in my daily planning journal several times the last few months, and always takes me to Isaiah 58:9 when I read it.2019 One Word {even here}

Even here, He can be found.

{Backstory: this summer, after grieving and struggling through our overwhelming, too busy, too stressful summer, I sat down with my journaling things and found some websites about simplifying and planning your dreams. I couldn’t for the life of me plan my “dreams.” I couldn’t figure out what I wanted- I even asked family what I was good at, what I could contribute to the world or to my family.

Then it hit me like a ton of bricks, not via a website or overthinking, but from God– God said THIS. THIS IS IT! These responsibilities are your blessings, your dreams that you’ve asked for- a big family (fyi: that wasn’t always on my dream list), a farm in the country, an amazing husband, freedoms, reaching many. I’ve given these things to you.

Yall- this is so silly to some, but in the midst of my suffering or break down, whatever you want to call it, after losing my Granny on top of everything going on, when I was begging God for direction and help, for calm and quiet, He told me what I already somehow knew, and gave me direction.

I don’t need to look for my dreams, my work at home raising my family is HIS work, and my dream of one day having a farm and children is fulfilled in this season! Through God’s grace, his gift of determined spirits and hard work, we have made this thing work. I didn’t need to figure out how to plan for my dreams or what I “wanted” (I’m not really someone that “wants” for things anyway, I tend to be joyful where I am).

I needed to stop and listen to God where I was. Right here. It wasn’t that I didn’t see this life of blessings and dreams already, I just somehow, in that tough season, overlooked that they were enough and everything else was just bonus.}

So in 2019, and my word is HERE, because …

even here He is found.

In the midst of feeding goats, shoveling cow patties, cleaning the house, reading to my children, taking them on walks in the woods, dealing with tantrums from a strong willed 2 year old, schooling on the hard days, crafting and journaling on the easy ones, family movie nights, and sibling bickering … HE CAN BE FOUND. He is Here. And right HERE is where he has called me to be. **and I LOVE it!**

He is here for all of it, and all of it is a blessing. I am so happy here, even when circumstances are hard, I don’t need to look for more?!

My responsibilities are blessings, not burdens (thank you Help Club for Moms Devotional).

Responsibilities can be messy, and aren’t always fun, but in them and from them pour more blessings; it is what He has laid on our hearts- I’ve learned if God directs us to something, especially when he has changed our heart so we long to do that thing, or find peace in it (ex: having children, moving away from our comfort zone, not having an 8-5 job, the list can go on …) listening to Him joyfully, having faith that He knows better than us or those around us giving their opinion, is about the only way life is going to be enjoyable and fulfilling, no matter what we are called to do.

This year for me is all about here, joyfully thriving, and growing more in Him, right where I am.


So how do you choose your one word?

I would begin with what has been a constant theme in your life- if it is a negative like anxiety, hectic, fear, sick, struggle, failing, etc. then find the opposite of that in scripture several time. Find a root word that means what you want for your life. Go to it in prayer, listen closely to God. I’ve found that God’s voice is a clear one. If it is Him, you probably won’t need to question it, but if you do find yourself questioning it, continue to pray about it and ask Him how He would have you grow in Him this year.

Word of the Year 2019

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