Miss Rumphius Unit Study/Guide {a review}

Miss Rumphius E-Guide: Progeny Press {a review}

We have been working our way through a wonderful study guide by Progeny Press for the book Miss Rumphius; I am so excited to share it with you!  I love unit studies and literature studies, so this was a wonderful addition to our book shelf.

About The Study Guide

This 45 page study guide is a digital download ($11.99) and is to be used with the book Miss Rumphius.  It is for the early elementary/k-3rd grade level written by Dory Zinkand, but there are many other study guides for other books on other levels.  You will need to already have the book (or get it from the library, etc) do complete the study guide.

The guide is broken down into a few study topics:

  • Before-You-Read Study
  • Before-You-Read Activities
  • Section 1: The Child Alice Sets Her Goals
  • Section 2: Miss Rumphius Travels and Comes Home to Live by the Sea
  • Section 3: The Lupine Lady Makes the World More Beautiful
  • After You Read Activities

The book Miss Rumphius is precious; it is about a young girl, Alice, who sets 2 goals for herself.  She plans to travel the world like her grandfather, and then settle in a home by the sea.  But her grandfather has her promise to also do something to make the world more beautiful (what wonderful life lessons for our own children).  The story follows Alice on her journey of meeting these three life goals.  This study guide by Progeny Press is a wonderful addition to reading Miss Rumphius.

What We Thought

We used the study guide as we read along in the book- we took our time so we could be thorough and go deeply into the book with the guide.  My daughter is on the much younger end of the suggested level, but it was still developmentally appropriate for her!  Because her writing ability is not yet at the same level as her comprehension, I read aloud the questions, and did much of the writing for her as she dictated to me.

What I really loved about this Miss Rumphius guide is how it beautifully integrates Bible study into the literature study; I feel like it showed my daughter how she can make text to world & text to text connections with our Bible verses and lessons.  The guide also offered hands-on-studies, such as a nature hunt and observation (our favorite!), that asked critical thinking questions about the nature hunt.  This is all very helpful for the teacher; the guide can truly be used as a unit study, and that is how I would describe it!

The comprehension questions go much deeper than even the story; they connect the reader’s real life to the lessons and meanings of the story.  For instance, one question is: “When Alice sets her first two goals, how does she honor her grandfather?” The following questions take that answer and connects it with real life, “In what way do you already honor your parents and grandparents?” and “In what other ways could you honor them?”

Honestly, at first I thought this study guide would be a bit over my barely 5 year old’s head- but she soaked it all up!  She needed help with some definitions, and examples of what it means to “honor,” etc. but the study guide as a whole was wonderfully thought provoking and put together well.

I also really appreciated the “Note to Instructor” section at the beginning of the study guide; it not only outlines the purpose of the study guide, but helps you understand as a teacher what your goals are for studying this piece of literature.  There are multiple choice questions, open ended comprehension questions, character and language art lessons, and so many activities I can’t cover them all here.  This is an awesome study guide!

Progeny Press has created a beautiful, comprehensive, and meaningful study guide for Miss Rumphius.  I have no doubt we will use their other study guides for future literature!

Miss Rumphius E-Guide: Progeny Press {a review}

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