Lexie-17 weeks

Lexie will be 17 weeks old on Friday, and will be 4 months old next Monday.  This means she is growing up too fast.  =(  
And Ms. Lexie Lou has definitely been hitting developmental milestones lately!

In the past 2 weeks she has:

  • discovered her voice AKA shrieks at the top of her lungs for fun while playing or fussing
  • started stepping and bouncing while standing
  • talks/babbles while fussing (which makes me feel so guilty), instead of just crying
  • fake coughs and then smiles/laughs at you if you respond, which we always do, because what if she is choking?!
  • started really cutting TWO teeth- her front bottom gums are puffy on the side where her tongue is (does that make sense?) and they’re white.

Oh, and today we go to school to visit; tomorrow she stays for half a day!  =/  I don’t want to tell them how to do their jobs, because I know they are perfectly capable, sweet ladies.  But I think they need to know that Lexie is super special and should be given special treatment!  =)  haha  jk  I know she will be fine and I don’t need her to become more rotten than she already is.  But, it is me I am worried about.  I think about like, what if they don’t mix her cereal the way she likes it or don’t keep her upright 30 minutes after she eats to help with the reflux and gas?  Or if they let her hands get all in her oatmeal and then all over her clothes (that one is kinda dumb…) or if they don’t play with her while changing her diaper-that is her FAVORITE time to play!! … these things make me sad.  I know I will be so busy during the day at school I won’t really have a chance to think about her being there, too much anyway.  Plus, my saint of a  mother in law is going to go check on her for me that first week, since J.Tom is not allowed to drive that far yet. 

J.Tom and I watched her sleeping last night and it was hilarious!  I tried to get a video, but once I did she stopped.  She fusses and kicks her legs (which are swaddled) and rolls around like crazy!  It is hilarious.  She kicks her legs so hard she comes off the mattress a bit and bounces!!  Very cute.

For Christmas, we surprised my family by going home to Memphis!  I wasn’t going to go originally, because I didn’t want to drive by myself with Lexie.  But she slept the entire time, both ways!  She is such a good girl.  Some people were saying it would take me forever to get there because of her being so young, but I guess she showed them.  =)  Anyways, we had a wonderful time in Memphis, I was so home sick!  I had not been home since I think I was 6 or 7 months pregnant, so it had been about 6months.  I am used to going home at least once every other month or so.  We saw my Memaw (who Lexie is named after) and all of my Dad’s family and we stayed with my Granny and Grandpa.  We visited my mom’s house and helped her get ready for her wedding and even had time to go by and see some of my friends (which I rarely get to do when I go home).  It was really a wonderful time!

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