In the Reign of Terror Audio Drama {a review}

Heirloom Audio LogoWe *love love love* audiobooks and audio dramas, so when offered a chance to review In the Reign of Terror by Heirloom Audio Productions I knew we should say yes, please! What better time to listen to an adventure filled audio drama than summertime travels?!  That’s just what our family did.

In the Reign of Terror

*What It Is * How We Used It*

Let me begin with Heirloom Audio Productions- I truly can’t say enough good things about this company, the integrity they uphold with historical stories, and what they stand for.  You can read more about who they are HERE, which clearly outlines what they believe, and how they get these stories which are shared with listeners. The best part is their stories is they are wholesome (ie: safe for my kids to listen to without me needing to know every detail before pressing play).

Heirloom Audio offers several audio adventures, and this time we listened to In the Reign of Terror. We received the 2-cd set, along with access to their Live the Adventure Club, which is really cool (more details to follow).

This 2.5 hour audio drama is full of non stop adventure and action! Recreating a story by G.A. Henty and set during the French Revolution, executive producer Bill Heid and cast have blown this production out of the water!  You will recognize star voices (from Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Downton Abbey and more!) which have made this one-of-a-kind audio adventure so much fun and full of life.

The synopsis is a boy, Harry, (16 years old) visiting France during the French Revolution. All that ensues challenges his faith and expectations, after he is taken in by a family which he grows to love.  He struggles to survive, while his new found friends are taken captive and persecuted for something they cannot control-the blood line from which they were born.

What We Thought

Heirloom Audio does a beautiful job showing these stories of history are imbedded in Christianity. The story shows the faithfulness of God in all circumstances, and how our faith in God brings people out of this darkness. This production is exceptional.

My daughter who is almost 7 years old, was better able to keep up with the story than my son, who is almost 5. They both said they liked listening to Victor the most. They loved the music and how it made them “fill with excitement!” (per my daughter haha) I wasn’t in the car the first time they listened, but my husband said he really enjoyed it too!

I have since been able to listen to parts and pieces, and can say I am so thankful for the values and lessons taught in this adventure. Unlike twaddly books and shows,  In the Reign of Terror teaches lessons of love, truth, and history deeply rooted in God without jeopardizing quality and rigor. Yes- rigor! It takes great listening skills to truly capture all of this multifaceted story at once. I suspect the more we listen, the more we will learn. The settings throughout are really brought to life with the birds, crowds, and other background sounds, that are so clear you can picture the action- I felt like I was right there.

I love that on a basic level, this is a fun, adventure of a story that brings everything back to God; but as my children grow and develop in their understanding of history and the Lord, we can delve deeper and deeper into this production, over and over again!

Truly lifelong learning.

The digital study guide is *amazing.* It includes everything from comprehension questions and vocabulary to recipes, deeper understanding/background information, and Bible study! Not only is it a helpful tool, turning the listening experience into a great educational experience, it is beautifully written and designed.

You can learn how to get the study guide and other extra features below.

Live the Adventure Club

The Live the Adventure Club is a subscription service that provides access to tons of bonus features. There are really too many to list, but some of my favorites include:

  • the many study guides-one for each audio adventure
  • a free crash course on Christianity and our constitution
  • early American curriculum resources- all rare, from American and world history, to biographies and readers (this is so cool!)
  • a club member discount on future audio purchases
  • access to purchased audio adventures, via mp3 listening
  • an old time radio vault of wholesome, public domain, listening from years gone by- all in one place!
  • daily devotionals
  • a plethora of kids activities

Inside the Club site you will find all these extra resources and much, much more!

I really like that you can follow along with a script, look over defining words, read thinking further questions, as well as take chapter quizzes while listening to the audio, thanks to screen in screen technology! They have really thought of it all.

The website runs seamlessly (even with my 15 million many tabs open), is streamlined, and so easy to use.

Below are screen shots of the study guides and a few radio shows from Live the Adventure Club site:
Study Guides in Live the Adventure


Radio Screen Shot

I am not exaggerating when I say I can’t believe all of these resources have been included for such easy access, at a subscription rate. This is so exciting, and I can’t wait to use these during our history lessons this school year.  Thank you Heirloom Audio Productions!

**Right now you can purchase an audio adventure and receive a 3 month trial of Live the Adventure Club for $1! After your trial is over, Live the Adventure Club is $24.75 every 3 months, which includes a new audio adventure and access to all the club benefits. (click the links for more details about the subscription).

If you want a fun way to include audio dramas and adventure in your homeschool, this is it!

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