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Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW)I’m pretty sure the reputation of the Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW) has a reputation that precedes itself. The founder, Andrew Pudewa, has created one of the best homeschool writing and grammar companies out there. My son has really enjoyed the new and improved third edition of Fix It! Grammar for Level 2 Town Mouse and Country Mouse. The improved updated editions of their grammar program are more engaging and useful for students and parents. We are used the super helpful Fix It! Grammar Cards.

What It Is

IEW Fit It! Grammar is an easy, effective and engaging grammar program for grades 3+. Each book is labeled for its appropriate grade levels; the level 2 we used is for grades 3-5. Lessons are divided into weeks, number 1-30, with 4 days of work scheduled. Lessons are short and fun! students will find each week has a few pages of parts of speech definitions for the week. This is where they Learn It!- students read over the definitions and clearly laid out example before applying their knowledge to the day’s lesson.

Each day’s lesson is divided into sections across the top of the page:

  • Read It- Here, students read the passage and use the dictionary to find the word, and write the definition. This can be done in the blank space on the page, or in a notebook. Each of my kids keep a writing notebook, so we made a spot for definitions there
  • Mark It!- Students use the marks taught for the different parts of speech to label the passage.
  • Fix It!- Now they get to correct the mistakes in the sentence, using the editing marks provided on the instructions page of the student book
  • Re-Write It!- Students rewrite the passage correctly on the given lines found on the page.

I really like that the new edition lets students know how many of each label is needed for the passage. The complete story being focused on for the level is found in the back of the student book.

IEW Fix It! Grammar

Each day we discussed his work, and made corrections (yes, I did have him go back and correct is spelling mistakes 😂). This could be done with older students 1x per week. I really love that he gets to use the teacher’s manual to go back and fix his mistakes. because the pages are laid out so clearly and look just like his (plus a few extra notes to help), he gets to see where he made a mistake and why. Over time this helps him recognize and avoid them later. Lessons are short and sweet, so they will fit many homeschooler’s lifestyle well.

It took my 9yo about 15 minutes total, including me looking over it and helping if he was not grasping something. He really enjoys that these are like doing a puzzle; he especially likes checking his own work and seeing what he need to correct.

The Teacher’s Guide is important for this program, simply because students use it also. This will help homeschool parents get their students learning independently, with review and corrections done with the parent. Because we want our kids to be self motivated, independent learners! That’s one of the goals for many homeschoolers (and certainly our family). I like that the teacher’s guide not only gives the corrections in bold, but also the vocabulary definition, and end mark explanations.

IEW Fix It! Grammar

Teacher’s Guide correlating lesson page

The scope and sequence will help families plan their weeks/term/year as necessary to span the year. The scope and sequence lists what will be learned broken down into weeks. There is also page with the full vocabulary list for each week.

Fix It! Grammar level 2 covers:

  • parts of speech
  • capitalization
  • punctuation
  • commas
  • clauses
  • homophones
  • indention
  • numbers
  • subject-verb pairs
  • and 8 stylistic techniques

IEW Fix It! Grammar

The grammar cards are a great addition to the grammar; 30 cards highlight key grammar concepts. These are very helpful for review and quick reference. The program will also come with free downloads to help parents with implementing the IEW method of learning writing. These are very helpful mp3s- I love how Andrew Pudewa talks about aptitude and appetite, and how this affects our children and homeschool atmosphere. You’re going to love it!

I’m very excited to continue using Fix It! Grammar level 2 in our homeschool; it is going to be a lot of fun for my son and I know he is learning while doing it.

IEW Fix It! Grammar- level 2

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