How Our Family’s Food Allergies Made Us Healthier

Back in 2012 we welcomed our son into the world; I was GBS positive during my pregnancy so I received 2 doses of antibiotics (as I did with my first daughter) during labor.  Little did I know at the time that antibiotics contribute to leaky gut and food allergies …

Fast forward a few months and we had narrowed his colic and horrible acid reflux down to dairy.  I cut out dairy from my diet while nursing, and we used a non dairy formula, but despite our best efforts, and some meds, his acid reflux did not resolve itself.

After a LOT of reading and researching I began learning more and more about leaky gut, acid reflux, and gut health, which pointed me in the direction of Weston A. Price and making my own baby formula (see Parts 1 and 2 of that here).

All of THAT led me to better understanding real foods vs processed foods, fermented AKA traditional foods, their impact on our health.

And from there our family has been on a real food journey ever since.  Now … we don’t eat 100%, that’s especially hard and costly when feeding a family of 6.  But we do eat, I’d say 80/20, real foods and avoid processed sugars as much as possible.  I have really slacked in the last year, after our move and starting the farm, with our fermented foods and making everything from scratch.  We still avoid processed sugars and flours and don’t eat out often.

As we now know, sugar causes inflammation in the body which manifests itself in the form of headaches, weight gain, eczema, allergies, and cancers.

Had it not been for me being very determined, and on a mission to heal my son’s gut we may have never discovered the health benefits of full fats, ferments, real food, and unprocessed sugars like sucanat.

So, am I happy we deal with food allergies?  Absolutely not.  I hate that my children can’t enjoy the nourishment from raw milk, real cheeses, and homemade ice cream among other foods.  ( we improvised and use coconut milk, goats cheese, etc in their place.)

But I am thankful for the knowledge I gained, and the friendships, along the journey.  My children have learned valuable lessons about healthy food, their immune systems, and the impact bad food choices can have on our health because my eyes were opened along the way.

So, yes- our family’s food allergies have definitely helped make us healthier.

Does your family have food restrictions?  How have you learned to live with them?



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