Homeschool Writing with Memoria Press {a review}

Homeschool Writing with Memoria Press #hsreviews #homeschool #writing #elementarywritingskills

Memoria Press has hit a home run, again, with their Simply Classical Writing Book One: Step-by-Step Sentences (Bible Story Edition) and Simply Classical Writing Book Two: Step-by-Step Sentences (Bible Story Edition) with Teacher Key. We have been using these for writing practice, and I *love* them.

As with everything we’ve tried from Memoria Press, my children have been eager to use the books, and it has been very easy to implement in our homeschool.

About Simply Classical Writing

Simply Classical Writing Book One: Step-by-Step Sentences (Bible Story Edition) is set up in an easy to use format. The beginning pages provide all the “rules” of writing the student will be using during the book (and in life, of course). The simple lessons include color coding parts of sentences (green for the first capital letter, red for ending punctuation, etc), sentencing copying, and creating sentences on their own.

What do Lessons Look Like

In Book 1, students should look over the rules about sentences in the beginning as review, of the book before lessons. Of course this could be done orally with the parent. I really like that they have broken down the Teacher’s Notes in day by day steps. There are also modification suggestions (yay!) and helpful ideas if some of the work is too easy. This makes it fun, and creates confident learners.

My soon to be first grade son has been *begging* to work in this book! He really enjoys it; I think he likes unscrambling the words to make a sentence and color coding the most.

Homeschool Writing with Memoria Press #hsreviews #homeschool #writing #elementarywritingskills

You will begin each lesson by reading the assigned Bible story, learning the rule of that lesson (or reviewing), and then work through a creative exercise that involves applying the rules to writing sentences. Creative exercises may be a copying a decodable sentence, a read aloud sentence, illustrating the Bible story the lesson focuses on, and writing a sentence to describe that picture. Color coding parts of the sentences helps solidify the rules of writing. I really like how the lessons put emphasis on different parts of writing-like proper nouns, describing words, etc.

In Book 2, my 8 year old has been working independently. She also enjoys her lessons, and wanted to begin at the beginning of her book… my little Type A 😉

Homeschool Writing with Memoria Press #hsreviews #homeschool #writing #elementarywritingskills

This book provides writing and grammar rules (yay for grammar), copywork, and opportunities for students to create their own good sentences every week. The Teacher’s Guide provides How to Teach step by step instructions, as well as Additional Tips. I really like how Memoria Press includes information for parents that helps them understand some developmental elements to our children’s learning- it is natural for children to make certain mistakes, and they ease parents minds with a little info here.

Homeschool Writing with Memoria Press #hsreviews #homeschool #writing #elementarywritingskills

In Book 2’s Teacher Guide you will find a suggested schedule offering 1-day, 2-day, 3-day, and 4-day schedules. Rules About Sentences are provided in both student books and the TG.

For lessons, teacher and student will read the assigned Bible story, follow the directions for the lesson(s) based on the schedule you have chosen … or go at your own pace like we do (which is doing more than one lesson)! And then edit the work together. I like the emphasis Memoria Press places on gentle correction of any errors. Writing is actually pretty complicated for children- it requires a lot from their brains. Few people are born natural writers; most students need gentle practice, and lots of it.

The process these books take to break down writing so students can fine tune their skills really helps solidify those rules of grammar and composition. i like that further into the books I see words like similiesadverbs, and even categorizing.

Memoria Press has integrated reading, writing, and grammar seamlessly in Simply Classical Writing Book One: Step-by-Step Sentences (Bible Story Edition) and Simply Classical Writing Book Two: Step-by-Step Sentences (Bible Story Edition).

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