Happy Farm {spring 2019}

Life on the farm is wonderful these days!

We have 11 bouncy puppies. They’re about 8 weeks old and healthy as can be (aka, fat little babies). They’re learning their temporary places among our goats. The goats definitely don’t let them play with them, and will head butt them in a hurry. It is funny to watch the puppies reactions- they whimper and back off, just like they should! I pray each one of these little fur balls grows into a wonderful LGD for their future homes.

Waylon the Future LGD www.QuietintheChaos.com


Mama and Waylon www.QuietintheChaos.com

This is Waylon, the boy I chose to keep from our litter. There is one more boy I *really* want to keep, but I think 1 is probably enough. =)

The logistics of raising 11 pups has been interesting, but we have a good system/living situation for them now so it has all worked out great. They have safe place to sleep at night, and during the day can be free with Yona and the goats, which is ideal.

Waylon, future LGD www.QuietintheChaos.com

The goats tolerate 11 pups running around pretty well. Yona (their mama) keeps them in line, and doesn’t let them get too far from where she deems appropriate. I am just astounded by her instincts; she has been an amazing mama. You always hear horror stories about dogs abandoning their pups, attacking them, not raising them. She has done so well, knew when to begin weaning them, corrects them, cleans them … she’s wonderful! It definitely makes me want to do this again!

Happy goats www.QuietintheChaos.com

happy LGD pups www.QuietintheChaos.com

Each puppy has a colored collar now which corresponds to my notes from when they were born. We take notes on their personality/behaviors/reactions on the farm so that pairing them with families/homes will be easier. I want to be sure each pup goes to the right family/person, and if there are any problems, they come back to me, and don’t end up in a shelter or passed around.

Happy goats (yearlings) www.QuietintheChaos.com

Lucy the sweet {pregnant Nubain Doe) www.QuietintheChaos.com

The sun has been shining, and all the animals are happy for the warmth!

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  1. Auntie Vicki says:

    All of your animals are beautiful, You and mama dog have done a wonderful job taking care of them. Give everyone my love.

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