Halloween Ideas: Pumpkin Box Halloween Tract {a review}

Fall time celebrations are quickly approaching! If you are anything like our family, you may keep an eye out for alternative or out-of-the-box ideas for holiday giving. In lieu of door to door trick or treating at halloween, many families enjoy harvest festivals, or small pumpkin/bon fire parties with their friends or homeschool co-ops.

This year we had the chance to try out some really fun candy alternatives for giving at halloween- Is There Anything Better Than Candy? Box-Tract by Let the Little Children Come. These little pumpkin Halloween tracts are perfect for a fun little something to drop into trick or treater bags, share with those in the community, or create in a children’s church classroom.

The small paper pumpkins are made of a nice quality card stock and sit nicely in the palm of my hand (for size reference). The inside of each section contains a simple, yet colorful message on how to know Jesus, and be saved. These are a great evangelism tool for young children to gain confidence in sharing the gospel of Jesus with friends, relatives, and those in the community.

My 7yo daughter immediately thought of  people we could share them with:

  • nursing home residents
  • trick or treaters
  • harvest festival hand outs
  • hand out at your family’s farmer’s market or craft show stand (if you have one)
  • leave out and about in the community (park picnic tables, benches down town, self check out at grocery store, etc)
  • co-op fall party
  • classroom/sunday school/co-op parties
  • drop in neighbor’s mailboxes

These were very simple to use, even for my 7 and 5 year olds; we carefully popped them out of the perforated paper, laid them pumpkin side down, and gently folded up the sides starting with the stems. Each “petal” has a small slit cut into it, and we simply slid the slit over the top of the stem pieces. Then, we continued until all the petals/sections were up, making sure that #6 was the last one. They were both able to completely assemble their pumpkins independently.

**The key (for us) to not tearing the tract while assembling was to gently squash the pumpkin down as we added sections to the stems, instead of trying to pull up and over the stems.


Things that could fit inside:

  • homemade mini-muffin-tin crayons
  • foam stickers
  • hand written notes on fun card stock
  • a handmade friendship bracelet
  • fabric book mark (maybe from a handicraft like crochet or knitting, done in homeschool?)
  • those little sticky jewels for crafts
  • small plush keychain
  • handmade leather beaded necklaces
  • small hand painted rocks
  • small foam stamps
  • stickers
  • a few tootsie rolls, peppermints, gum, or other small candies

(You know those plastic containers small vending machine toys come in? Pretty much anything that would fit in there, would fit inside these, with a little room to spare.)

We really enjoyed putting a few of these together! When we get a little closer to halloween, we will probably fill them with hand painted rocks and drop throughout the community as a little “happy” for someone’s day.

This is a fun and safe way for children to share the gospel this fall season!

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