Growing Girl

 Lexie 3 weeks, 3 days old and as I have mentioned she is growing out of clothes so quickly!  She was already a big girl, so a few things were tight when we got home.  However, we have had a pretty drastic weather change (98 to 70 degrees) so now I am trying to get her in all her summery, warm weather clothes at least once or twice before it is too cool out!  I actually turned the heat on this morning to get rid f the chill in the house.  With no carpet this house gets cold easily.  Today we are wearing this outfit:

Her torso is long (hopefully she will have a long torso like her daddy, and very un-like her mama!) and therefore the newborn footies and some onesies are too short.  This shirt, for instance is already too short.  The breeches, however are a little big in the waist, and they are newborn!  Maybe she will be taller than her mama and thin too.  haha

This morning, we received a package from Granny and Grandpa that had lots of goodies!!  There were some pajamas, a sleep sack (can’t wait to use that) and some precious outfits.  We looove getting packages.  =)   Hopefully Granny can make it to Hot Springs with mom in October and she can see Lexie in person.

Today we are changing the linens, doing laundry and dusting.  Pre-baby I would vacuum every other day (because of the animals) but only deep-cleaned the house once a week.  I have since discovered the secret to a clean house post-baby is to do a few things every other day.  That way the house is always picked up and clean. =)   If I do it during her AM nap (that is, if she decides to take one) then I can still get a nap in the afternoon and have a clean home! 

I wish I could get a good pick of her eyelashes.  They are SO long, but they’re blonde… which apparently she got from J.Tom?  We don’t really know; she also has blonde highlights in her hair.  If those eyes don’t turn green, I am going to say they gave us the wrong baby!  haha  j/k.  Who could deny that face?  I think her hair is getting curlier because even when I brush it down it still curls, before it would at least straighten on the top!  We discovered the color-contrast book and a new rattle yesterday.  The book is all in red, black, and white which are the colors baby can see best and really help stimulate her brain.  She enjoyed looking at the book and is doing good following the sound of the rattle.  She also follows the camera when you are trying to take pictures.  She is a smart girl!

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