Friday on the Farm: Canning and Harvest


So far this year we have harvested: 14 jars of salsa, 7 jars of spicy carrot salsa, and 10 jars of plain tomatoes in their own juice, PLUS what we have enjoyed eating.  =)  We also now have more peppers in the freezer than we have beef!

We are waiting on our bean harvest to come in, and the tomatoes are still going pretty strong, especially our cherry tomatoes.

I am almost certain the baby chickens have started laying; I am trying to keep count of the big girls’ eggs so today will be the true test.  If I get 7 eggs, OR 3 brown ones I know they are laying.  So exciting!  I can’t wait to add more girls to our flock in the spring.

We are VERY ready to add goats and hogs to the farm, but with a new baby we just don’t have the time for milking and tending them right now.  So, they will wait until baby is older and I have more time.

Have you been canning and freezing for winter?


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