Friday on the farm {Gardening & Meat Chickens}

After a looong winter, We are finally preparing to plant the garden. We are putting down a heavy plastic for weed control, and covering with hay once the plants get up a little taller. My husband is also setting up a sprinkler for the center of the garden that won’t require us to disconnect and reconnect hoses, sprinklers, etc.

This year we added a permanent fence around the garden to keep out the chickens, dogs, and cows (when they escape, which is monthly).

Putting in the Garden 2018

My husband made a steal stencil for burning holes into the plastic to help with more precise planting. It is really cool, and I am so thankful he is an engineer! He thinks of the coolest ideas.

The meat chickens were moved from the brooder out to pasture last week. The weather was iffy, and the first evening out there was pretty cold (36 degrees!) But they survived and feathered out quickly. Being in the pasture makes them sooo happy; they can spread out, eat bugs, and because we can move them they get a clean dry space every day or so. (It has been a week and they are already MUCH bigger than this picture.)

meat chickens 2018

We have planted new blackberry bushes, some elder berries (Eeee!), and a few more fruit trees. This year the garden will hopefully produce:

  • watermelons
  • cucumbers
  • egg plant
  • a bazillion peppers
  • 3 bazillion tomatoes
  • squash
  • asparagus (a perennial that is producing right now!)
  • and i can’t remember what else my husband planted …

I am already thinking about our fall garden! I can’t wait to do broccoli, cabbages, potatoes, garlic, and cauliflower again!

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