Flu Virus and first shots

Well… I am sure you have heard by now, I have the flu. Fortunately, the doctor thinks we may have caught it in the first 48 hours. It’s quite lucky we did catch it before it got more serious. But luckily if something like that did happen, then all I would have to do is go to somewhere like this flu urgent care horsetooth.

I have been sick the last week and a half with Lexie’s crud, so I thought that’s all it was. I woke up Friday morning at 12:30 with a 102.4 fever, took some ibuprofen and went back to bed. When I woke again at 5:00, the fever was gone and I felt much better; this made me think it was definitely just a bug or something because surely if it were the flu or strep, ibuprofen wouldn’t make me feel 80% better!

I went to school, did my regular thing. About 12:00 I started feeling pretty bad. By 2:00 I was freezing cold, and by 2:45 my cooperating teacher told me to leave. When I got to the doctor about 3:15-3:30, my lips were blue I was so cold and my whole body ached. I had some spots on the back of my throat, so I thought maybe it was just strep=something they could give me meds for and I’d be fine by Sunday or Monday. The nurse took my temp and said I had a low-grade fever. She asked for my symptoms, I told her achiness, chills, throat, ears and chest hurt, etc. She said they had TONS of strep cases today, and only 2-3 flu cases all season, so it may just be strep. When the doctor came in and asked for my symptoms, I told her the same things. She got worried and asked if I’d had a flu shot. I told her no, I’d never had one and never had the flu, despite working in childcare and everything. She said if it was strep we were fine, if it was flu we were in trouble (in terms of Lexie). Looking back, it seemed silly as to why I didn’t get a flu shot. They’re so easily available with most doctors offering them like this doctor leichardt based, and it was definitely in the best interests of Lexie. Nevertheless, it’s happened now, and I’ll have to deal with it.

So, the nurse snuggled Lexie, while I went back to the room where they do “the tests.” The nurse stuck a cotton swap the length of a ruler down my throat, which of course made me gag. I told the nurse we would have to wait on the flu test because I just might get sick. A few minutes later I told her to get it over with, she then proceeded to stick the same kind of cotton swab up my nose, touched my brain, and wiggled it around some as far as she could get it. Truly, the strep test was worse than the flu test, but neither was fun…

While I waited on that, Lexie’s nurse came in with her shots. I held her facing away from me, while the nurse unsnapped her pink footies. She quickly stuck her right leg with the first shot, Lexie squirmed and cried. Then came the next shot, Lexie squirmed and cried for about 4 seconds total and then went right back to sleep. =) She was just fine. I’m not even sure she made any tears. Haha Anyways, so the doctor also gave me some stuff to dry up her congestion that remains from her crud. And, we did the regular check up stuff- she is 18.6 pounds and 27″ long. She was off the doctor’s chart on weight and length (again)! She said at about 6 months her growth will start to taper off. I’m not so sure!! This kid is growing like crazy. Her teacher at school said she is the size of her 9month olds. hahaha She is so long though!

Anyways, so I got Lexie down last night and then I crashed. We got up at 5:30, I changed her diaper, and then we curled up in the big chair to nurse and sleep. We slept until 7:45. So I got a good 11 hours of sleep. I am resting when Lexie naps, and we are just taking it easy this weekend. Please keep us in your prayers that she and J.Tom don’t get this mess. =( I asked if I need to quarantine, and Dr. Z said no, there is really nothing we can do now that she’s been exposed except continue to nurse her, use antibacterial stuff, and no kissing on her. She said IF we caught it in the first 48 hours like we think, the tamiflu should have my fever and symptoms gone within 48 hours. Then after 24 without fever I can go back to school, so maybe as soon as Monday. But I think regardless I am going to send Lexie to school Monday, and stay home and rest.

I just hope my sweet girl doesn’t get it. I am trying to hold her as little as possible, disinfect my hands constantly, and not let her touch me too much. =( It really stinks.

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  1. naomigrace says:

    🙁 I feel like you just can’t catch a break! I’m so sorry you got sick… but in some way at least it’s not that sweet baby sick anymore 🙂 I’m trying to find the silver lining here, haha. Please get better soon!

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