Fall and Week 5

Well, fall is definitely here.  Too bad all the leaves are just drying up and falling off, most of them aren’t even changing color because it has been so dry.

Lexie and I have been enjoying most days with the windows up and the breeze blowing through the house.  She is (of course) getting so big!  I measured her this morning and she is 24″!  I am not sure about her exact weight, but I know she is at least 10 lbs because when I get on the scale with her it is 10lbs heavier.

Yesterday, she went with me to my doctor visit.  It went well (for both of us).  Of course everyone was so excited to see Lexie and could not get over all her hair.  Dr. G was just in love with her, and was so excited to see she is getting so big.  I got a good report, and he okay-ed me to continue (trying) to run.  I started back 3 weeks after the baby was born, just trying to run a little while I walked.  He kinda got on to me for not “listening” but said I was fine and could continue, but to take it easy.

Thursday J.Tom and I are taking Lexie to her school to pay our deposit which will reserve her place for Jan.  We will get to look around and meet everyone, too.  Then, Thursday night we are going to go on a date, just the two of us.  We have gone to lunch, but we haven’t had a dinner just the two of us, so that will be nice.

Lexie has started doing better at night, sometimes.  She will sleep 3-4 hours at a time, now.  She wakes up with gas pains, otherwise she would sleep longer.  We have tried everything for the gas, and nothing seems to work, so I guess it is something we just have to deal with… more her than us.  She really enjoys tummy time and like to just lay on the couch and kick her legs.  She has started to grab for things and has rolled over on her side once, but I think it was a fluke.  If she does it again, I will be convinced it was the real thing.

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