Every Day Won’t Be Like This

Everyday Won't Be Like This

The last few weeks have been amazingly refreshing. The warm sun, buds on the trees, homeschool and life running smoothly. And then this week came, and it hit me.

I realize I have been on the brink of anxiety and frustration, letting things get out of sync again. The laundry was literally piled in 3 baskets, a dirty pile on the floor, and a load of socks and undies in the dryer. But I was exhausted and went to bed.

10:30pm and my pregnant bladder wakes me up.

11:30pm my thirsty 3 year old wakes me up

2:30am and said 3 year old has an itchy finger from some thorns he got into the afternoon before.

4:30am I am still awake, unable to go back to sleep. I am feeling anxious, nauseous for some reason, and can’t turn my brain off.

5:45am time to get up to feed baby cows

6am I am making bottles for the calves when Lady calls out- she has wet the bed and everything is soaked through… make that 5 piles of laundry.

JTom is putting his coat on to go outside; there is NO coffee made.

I start to cry. I am tired, the day hasn’t even started and I have already failed.

We get our chores done, I make his breakfast, he gets out of the shower and wraps his arms around me. “Every day won’t be like this.”

They were words that cut deep; I don’t want these days to end, but I wanted this one to be over with.

Mister is growing so fast, thinks his new shoes are just great, constantly tells me he loves me, and asks what words say; Lady is becoming a little girl (just asked for her first real Bible, takes care of other people selflessly, shares everything she has … mostly, and is more responsible than most 10 year olds); Ila is running around with her own prerogatives in her own little, bubbly-self world exploring things for the first time.

And another is on the way.

Days like today remind me that it won’t always be like this; one day the laundry will stop, one day L will change her own sheets and wash her own clothes, one day Mister will not wake me up 2 times a night to ask me to come in his room just because he can.

It was a hard morning, hard enough that we stayed home instead of going to town as planned, & read books and listened to science podcasts before laying down for naps.

It was a much needed day of grace for all of us.

But like I tell Lady, if we don’t have hard days (times, seasons, tasks, challenges), how can we learn to appreciate the good ones?

I am learning to appreciate the hard ones, too.

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